SILATEC Encyclopedia

Armoured glass - physical behaviour under fire

The impact of a shot on a fixed object - physically speaking - is a complex process. Especially with glass, as its entry and penetration behaviour is completely different to other materials such as metal or wood. The breakage speed of glass is several thousand metres per second (approx. 10,000 km / h) and is thus far above the bullet speed, which is generally several hundred metres per second. For example, a projectile of 7.62 x 52 calibre, fired from a NATO G3 rifle, has a speed of slightly less than 1,000 m/s. (approx. 3,000 km / hrs.). The breakages in the glass introduced by the impact of the bullet thus outpace the bullet. This significantly reduces the bullet resistance of glass.

This applies especially for armoured glass, as it only consists of multi-layer glass.

SILATEC counters this behaviour by constructing our bullet-resistant glass from different transparent and extremely resistant materials.