SILATEC Encyclopedia

Retrofitting bullet-proof glass - how does that work?

Because SILATEC bulletproof glass is especially thin and light, it can also be retrofitted.


SILATEC glass is also perfect for retrofitting in existing projects. Because it is especially light and thin. One example: triple-layer heat insulation glass is around 36mm to 50 mm thick and typically weighs 30 to 60 kg/m2. It is perfectly possible to retrofit bullet-resistant glass - e.g. of the type SILATEC BR4 NS 25/52. This bullet-resistant glass (BR4 NS) even protects against .44 Magnum calibre ammunition, is very thin, at only approx. 25 mm, and weighs only 52 kg/m2.

Another example: In existing frames the maximum glass thickness or weight is often limited - the preferred bullet-resistant glass can often not be fitted. In this case we are also happy to develop bullet-resistant glass for you on an individual basis. If no bullet-resistant glass from our product range meets your requirements, we are happy to produce customised bullet-resistant glass. 


Fixed glazing without any opening function is usually easier to retrofit than, for example, those with turn or tilt fittings. The local circumstances must be examined in each case. The shot-resistance properties of the frame remain unchanged when this type of glass pane replacement takes place. 

We are happy to offer a personal consultation in which we can explain this to you in more detail.