SILATEC Encyclopedia

What is polycarbonate glass?

Glass breaks. Polycarbonate doesn't. Only the bond of glass and polycarbonate forms the wall. Impenetrable. Because though glass remains relatively scratch-resistant and rigid, polycarbonate is unbelievably impact-resistant. But as polycarbonate expands more quickly than glass under heat, the connection between both must be permanently elastic. We developed SILATEC adhesive especially for this purpose: it makes glass and polycarbonate inseparable and gives our polycarbonate glazing enormously high resistance strength. For that reason polycarbonate glass from SILATEC is uniquely burglar-resistant, bulletproof and even explosion-proof. Armoured glass? SILATEC is significantly more secure, much thinner and, thanks to the polycarbonate, much lighter: it generally weighs around half of what traditional armoured glass panels do!

For that reason SILATEC polycarbonate glass is used especially where traditional armoured glass has reached its limits. In short: wherever safety glass must be very thin, light and, above all, secure.