Walls made of glass.

Bulletproof glass? SILATEC is more secure.
Thinner. Lighter.

G20: bulletproof glass at the summit.

Hamburg, 7.- 8. July 2017: The riots during the meeting of the twenty most important industrialized and emerging countries raise many questions.

Only one thing is certain: armored glass from SILATEC.


Axe, car, inferno:
Too much for armoured glass. Not for SILATEC.


G7 summit, Bavaria:
Only one armored glass meets all requirements. SILATEC.

7.-8. June 2015: The heads of government of Great Britain, France, Italy, Japan, Canada and the USA met in Krün, in the district of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Highest security level, 17,000 police, 10,000 sealed manhole covers, 1 armored glass: SILATEC.


2 burglars against Silatec.
Nice Try.


Rome, Via Condotti, Bulgari jeweller's:
Two burglars, one bulletproof glass: no chance.

Two burglars want to rob the jeweller Bulgari in plain daylight. In their stolen getaway vehicle they forcefully reverse directly into the biggest front window and - crash back. The wall of glass is simply unbreachable.


The tailored suit: in all sizes and all formats. Even cylindrically curved, in almost every radius, almost every angle.

SILATEC turns your property into a fortress. Absolutely secure. Bathed in light. And energy-efficient, sound-insulated, UV-protected… 

It goes without saying that we meet all current certifications. For break-in protection: certified according to European standard EN 356 (P6B, P7B, P8B) and VdS guidelines in the resistance classes EH1, EH2 and EH3. For bullet resistance there are even more…

If there was better bulletproof glass, we would make it.

Absolute security. Purchase and installation directly from us.


Whatever happens outside: inside you are completely relaxed. As if you were behind thick walls that you could look through. Because SILATEC armored glass lets nothing through. No bullets, no explosives and no art-damaging UV light. Only visible light.

SILATEC armored glass is not only significantly safer, thinner and lighter than conventional armored glass. It is also absolutely colour-neutral. Ideal for the contemplation of art. As the works were also usually created in natural daylight.


Upgrade your Home

SILATEC bulletproof glass can also be easily integrated into existing buildings - including old buildings. Upgrade your property. Make it secure. Because SILATEC is not only significantly safer than conventional armored glass. It's also far lighter. So windows and doors can be opened easily. And because it's much thinner, it can also be integrated more easily into existing frames.

Knightly armor for your home. Impenetrable. Equipped for everything. Because safety is not relative - it's absolute. Pane by pane, every pane of safety glass is produced exactly to measure. Exactly as you like. 

Purchase and installation directly from us.

For elephants too.

SILATEC: At the Reichstag in Berlin. The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.
At Hermès in Paris or Bulgari in Lugano, and in luxury private house. But also elephant enclosures. In UXO machines. Protective glazing in safety areas. Or as a mobile ballistic wall, such as at the G7 summit at Elmau castle. Our security glass is available in all conceivable special designs and is used in a wide range of areas. From the machine protection glass for turning and milling machines to glass for panic doors...

Special products


For the top addresses there is only one.  The safest glass in the world. For museums, jewellers, high-value private properties, art collectors and many more. Because anything so valuable should also be absolutely secure. Above all you yourself.


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