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Whether in homes, villas, corporate or public buildings, windows and glass doors are an indispensible feature: they let in daylight and create a friendly, pleasant and inviting atmosphere. No wonder architects love to use the aesthetic appeal of high-quality glazing to create uniquely beautiful spaces for living and working. And good to know crystal-clear and distortion-free ballistic glass by SILATEC gives you all the security you need without compromising on beauty and architectural integrity. Thanks to it exceptional thinness and low weight, our bulletproof glass is easy to install in newly constructed or existing buildings. In addition, it possesses excellent thermal insulation properties, making it ideal for modern, energy-efficient buildings or retrofitting older objects for greater energy savings.

Ballistic glazing as individual as you are

Our experts will work with you to find exactly the right type of ballistic glazing to fit your needs and wishes. You can choose from the full spectrum of bullet-resistance (BR) classes, from solutions that resist shots fired from handguns at short range to bulletproof glass that withstands attacks using high-powered military weapons. Our ballistic glass is available in different shapes and sizes – including glass-on-glass corners and curved bulletproof glass. And we are more than willing to develop customized solutions to meet your individual needs.

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