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Bulletproof glass wall
Instant G7 security

Bulletproof glass wall:
Bulletproof security to go

The security solution of choice for the G7 summit at Schloss Elmau: our mobile bulletproof glass wall. With the most secure security glass in the world. Impenetrable. Even under attacks attempted with military weapons. The SILATEC bulletproof glass wall is a mobile wall made of glass. It can be set up and dismantled quickly and easily.

Frameless and versatile: our bulletproof glass wall can be expanded according to your needs. Thanks to our modular concept, you can choose different heights and the exact width you need. In addition, the individual units are exceptionally lightweight, which simplifies logistics enormously – they can even be transported in a regular elevator! And, by the way, our bulletproof glass wall is also termed “ballistic shield” or “SWAT shield.”

Bulletproof glass wall

Bulletproof glass wall: Six advantages

01  |  

Low weight - 50% lighter than bulletprrof glass

02  |  

Protection you can count on against firearms, forced entry and mass assault

03  |  

Exceptionally light, easy to transport – even fits in a regular elevator

04  |  

Fast and easy setup and disassembly onsite

05  |  

Modular structure, with units you can combine and position according to your needs

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Inconspicuous and completely transparent – high-level security doesn’t need to interfere with the elegance of the event

Bulletproof glass wall:
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Tested and certified according to European standard EN1063.

*NS is the abbreviation of “no spall,” meaning that no glass splinters occur on the protected side.
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Bulletproof glass wall: Technical details

How much does a bulletproof wall weigh? The table below offers an overview of the approximate total weights including the adjustable feet. All of the important bulletproof classes are included in small, medium and large sizes. We are also happy to produce special formats up to the sizes shown. Please feel free to ask.

Protection class
According to EN 1063
Type Size

1,0 x 2,0 m
40" x 80"

1,0 x 2,5 m
40" x 100"

1,5 x 2,5 m
60" x 100"
Custom made in any format,

up to the maximum width and height of:
Magnum .44
SILATEC bulletproof glass wall
BR4 NS 25/52
142 kg
313 lbs.
169 kg
373 lbs.
235 kg
518 lbs.
2,0 x 2,5 m
80" x 100"
7,62 x 51mm
SILATEC bulletproof glass wall
BR6 NS 42/90
218 kg
481 lbs
264 kg
582 lbs
309 kg
682 lbs
2,0 x 2,5 m
80" x 100"
7,62 x 51mm
Armor Piercing
SILATEC bulletproof glass wall
BR7 NS 63/127
288 kg
635 lbs
351 kg
775 lbs
1,2 x 2,5 m
47" x 100"
* Approximate figures including adjustable feet

Bulletproof glass wall:
When and where?

Bulletproof security to go: whenever you need to upgrade to bulletproof on short notice. When there is no time for structural bulletproof measures, or when temporary protection is required. The ballistic shield provides absolute security for high-profile personalities. Even against military weapons, sledgehammers or a mass assault.

The individual bulletproof glass modules can be added at will and placed at any desired location in the room, so that windows or other exposed areas are quickly made absolutely safe. The glass is much lighter and thinner than conventional armored glass, while at the same time providing far greater security. Our bulletproof glass wall is a mobile wall made of glass that can be used wherever only the world’s safest solution is safe enough.

SILATEC bulletproof glass wall in hotel foyer:

a bulletproof corridor for reception and departure

SILATEC bulletproof glass wall im Hotelfoyer

SILATEC bulletproof glass wall in hotel corridor:

absolutely safety overnight, no remodeling required

SILATEC bulletproof glass wall im Hoteldurchgang

SILATEC bulletproof glass wall in the suite

SILATEC bulletproof glass wall at a press conference

SILATEC bulletproof glass wall in der Suite

SILATEC bulletproof glass wall at a press conference

SILATEC bulletproof glass wall auf der Pressekonferenz

Bulletproof glass
wall vs. Riot

The bulletproof wall can also be anchored to the ground, making it an immovable barrier secure enough to keep out rioters. The type of anchoring depends on the nature of the ground: if the ground is solid, anchor bolts can be used, while in soft ground pegs – similar to those used to secure tents – are recommended. In cases where neither of these solutions is possible, we can install connecting mechanisms to hold the individual elements firmly together. And even if an angry mob attacks with sledgehammers or with military weapons: not a single case has been recorded worldwide in which our safety glass has been defeated. The mobile wall of glass stands up to anything.

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Bulletproof glass wall: Also available in variable formats

We produce the SILATEC bnallistic shield in different sizes, and made to measure on request. You can rent or purchase the modular units and assemble them as you wish. Worldwide and – above all – fast! The maximum element size is 2 x 2.5 meters (width x height, in inches: 80" x 100"). The optimum dimension, on the other hand, is 1 x 2.5 meters (40" x 100" inches). We supply all protection classes up to the highest security level, BR7 NS. In this case, the largest possible format is 1.20 x 2.5 meters.

We recommend limiting the individual element size to a maximum of 3m2 for easier handling. When selecting the dimensions, please also consider transport routes, door openings and elevator size. Of course, local conditions also play an important role in determining the optimum size, as do potential for attack – especially firing angles and distance. Setup should be carried out and approved by experts. We are happy to take on this task for you on request.

Bulletproof glass wall: Deployment examples

To begin with, as mentioned above, the ballistic shield must be installed by qualified personnel. It is essential to choose the right orientation: because of its asymmetrical structure, the glass is bulletproof on one side only. This type of security glass is termed “one-way bulletproof glass,” and the installation direction is marked on the bottom right of the panes. The “attack side” must face outward, in the direction of the threat, with the “protection side” facing inward, where the people to be protected are located. On request, we would be happy to take care of installation and dismantling for you. Please also note: our bulletproof glass wall is designed for indoor use. This is simply because the European standard for bulletproof glass EN 1063 only tests and certifies the glass at room temperature. We will be happy to test the use at other temperatures and outdoors for you.

Here, the individual elements overlap, rendering it impossible to shoot between the glass panes. To achieve this, the overlap must be large enough: we recommend at least 100mm (4" inches).

In this setup, the mobile wall of glass is constructed of panes in exact alignment. There must be no gap or crevice at the joints, the weak point in this configuration.

Bulletproof glass wall:
Rent or buy

We are happy to rent our bulletproof walls for as long as you need them, and you can rent different protection classes depending on your needs. This has the advantage that you do not have to keep different glass types for various situations. For regular or more frequent use, it may make sense to purchase the solution of choice. Feel free to ask us – we will advise you in your best interest. Regardless of whether you rent or buy, we can also store the ballistic shields for you, set them up professionally and also take them down again.

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Do you also assemble and disassemble the bulletproof glass wall?

Yes, we will be happy to handle setup and dismantling for you. If you wish, we can also store it for you.

Can I also rent the bulletproof glass wall?

Yes, we are glad to offer rental options. Your advantage: you can order the appropriate protection class depending on your needs, so you don't have to keep different glass types on hand, but only rent the elements you need.

Can we also have the ballistic shield tailor-made exactly to our needs?

This goes without saying. We have been specializing in this for decades, and provide reliably protection against even the most massive threat scenarios, the most dangerous weapon systems and munitions.

Why is SILATEC security glass the safest in the world?

Because SILATEC is first choice among the best security experts of our time. At the G7 summit. At the G20. In the German parliament. At the finest jewelry shops in the world. In the most important museums. In embassies, in breathtaking villas, and everywhere where security must be uncompromising.

Is the Bulletproof glass wall also made in Germany?

Of course it is. We have been manufacturing all our products for two generations in Gelting, near Munich, at the foot of the Bavarian Alps. And from there we supply the whole world.

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