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Armored glass from SILATEC.
Unbeaten for two generations.

Walls offer the most security. But glass looks so much better.
The solution: walls made of glass.

SILATEC security glass is tested almost every day. By burglars all over the world. To date, our armoured glass has prevented far more than 1,000 burglaries. Our burglar-proof glass is tested and certified according to strict standards – including the European standard for armor glass (DIN EN 356) and even stricter standards in accordance with VdS damage prevention.

So much for theory. After all, the decisive factor is how burglar-resistant glass from SILATEC performs in practice. In real situations, in merciless confrontation with tough criminal energy. Because burglars do not care about standards, and no break-in is “normal” or standardized in this sense. That’s why we test our special bulletproof glass in our own test rig under the most brutal conditions. With members of task forces such as the German GSG9, the Austrian COBRA, or with military personnel from various countries. Attacks with an axe, a sub-machine gun or a vehicle crashing into a shop window are all part of the SILATEC test standard. Because this is where armored glass shows what it can do. The glass wall is up! See for yourself – in our video.

Armored glass:
why meeting the standards is not enough.

Armoured glass or just security glass?

Security glass. Sounds safe, doesn’t it? If you watch the film above, you will see the reality and the difference to truly armored glass from SILATEC.
After just a few blows, the standard security glass gives way, while the armor glass from SILATEC resists. Blow by blow by blow.

Standard security glass vs. SILATEC.

Conventional security glass: simply multiple laminated layers. The more layers, the thicker. Heavier. Greener. But not truly armoured! SILATEC: glass on the outside, an intelligent combination of extremely resistant, highly transparent plastics on the inside. Significantly thinner and lighter. Absolutely transparent. And armored.

Armor glass from SILATEC consists of glass on the outside only. The core is made of different high-tech plastics, which are coordinated in such a way that their security features complement and reinforce each other.
The result is armoured glass in the protection classes P6B, P7B and P8B. So transparent that you hardly recognize that windows and doors are equipped with it. Thin, light and easy to handle and transport.
No one can even see the high level of protection that has been installed: in contrast to standard security glass, our armored glass is one hundred percent color-neutral. Absolutely inconspicuous! But when put to the test, it sends a clear and unmistakable message to the burglars of the world: you’re out of luck – stay out! 

Mathis Meier, Architects
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Working for our demanding clients we have been using SILATEC security glass for 25 years.
Zbären Kitchen
Benjamin and Matthias Zbären
Zbären Kitchen
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Whether Gstaad, Geneva or Monaco, we always meet on SILATEC safety glass at our customers.
A high end product, like our kitchens.
Didier Ducard von BHS
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Silatec is our reliable partner for all installations that require increased protection at maximum brightness. Silatec glass meets the aesthetic requirements of our most demanding customers.
Joël Meylan, Atelier K
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Highest security with best optical quality at the same time - that convinced us!
Beyer Chronometry
Rene Bayer, jeweller
Beyer Chronometry
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We make no compromises when it comes to safety. We have been protecting our shop windows for over 20 years only with SILATEC safety glass.
La Boutique Genève B&O
Laurent Nobs, Genève B&O
La Boutique Genève B&O
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We are proud to work with Silatec safety glass and to offer our customers the best protection. At Silatec we find the passion for perfect products, which is dear to our heart.

How armored glass from SILATEC
fits into this world.


If you want to feel truly safe and secure, then you’d better think of burglar-proof glass from SILATEC first. Right from the start. Because after a break-in, your sense of security may be gone forever. And think about it: is our world getting safer? Or will the demands on security systems in general and on your home in particular increase? With armored glass from SILATEC you are as protected as if in a fortress, yet you enjoy a light-flooded atmosphere – because our armored glazing is one hundred percent transparent.


Can you also retrofit SILATEC armor glass? For example, can you convert your beloved old building into a fortress? As a rule, yes. Because our armoured glazing is so thin and light that it can usually be integrated into existing frame constructions. This is rarely the case with conventional, heavy and thick security glass. Talk to us. We will be happy to take a look at it onsite and assess your security options. .


On average, we prevent a break-in into a jewelry store window every three days. In Rome, for example, at Bulgari’s head office, two burglars tried to break into a shop window with a tow truck. There was only one problem: our SILATEC glass. The break-in was a bust. For this reason alone, we are the first choice at the world’s most prestigious addresses.


There are many other arguments for our burglar-resistant glazing alongside security: it is crystal clear, so the goods can be seen in their unadulterated beauty – the window display serves as a “silent salesperson.” In addition, our armored glass provides one hundred percent UV protection, which prevents goods from fading or discoloring due to UV exposure. The benefits add up to a big advantage, which has proven itself for decades.


Artworks are often as invaluable as they are irreplaceable. This is why we are at home in the most important museums as well as with the world’s major art collectors, whose treasures are often priceless – not only in monetary terms, but also in ideal and personal terms. Absolute UV protection also ensures that the colors do not fade or discolor. And because the visible light spectrum shines through unhindered, art presents itself in the most beautiful light: natural, unadulterated daylight.

Armored glass for escape doors

Panic doors have a weak point, even if they are securely closed: they must remain easy to open at all times by means of the handle in the escape direction, outwards. This is why we have also developed a special armour glass for this application: it prevents the penetration to access the door handle, providing maximum resistance to any unwanted intruder. What are your special requirements? We would be glad to advise you individually.

Bulgari. No break-in.

Rome, Via Condotti: a tow truck up against
burglar-proof glass from SILATEC.

The headquarters of the jeweler Bulgari. A fine spring morning. People are strolling along the busy shopping street leading directly to the famous Spanish Steps. Suddenly, a tremendous noise: two burglars ram a stolen tow truck against the window of the jewelry store – in reverse and with full force! A bold and audacious plan that might have worked, if SILATEC burglar-proof glass hadn’t built a fortress wall in front of the two men. The completely bewildered burglars flee in panic and leave the tow truck behind. Burglary? No chance. One of many spectacular endurance tests that SILATEC’s armored glazing passes again and again all over the world. With flying colors.

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Even the best alarm system cannot prevent a break-in – it only signalizes that someone is breaking in. And who today still reacts seriously to an alarm siren? In addition, burglars sometimes succeed in completely switching off or hacking electronic security systems.
Burglar-proof glass from SILATEC, on the other hand, protects your property mechanically – cyber risks or an interrupted power supply can do nothing to change the security level. The mechanical burglary protection is constant. In addition, this protection is extremely high and can be achieved without compromise even in older builds by retrofitting with our armored glass. By the way: we also recommend replacing all conventional window locks with special mushroom-head locks. After all, burglars should get what they deserve: no chance.


For two generations, SILATEC has done nothing but build the most secure glass in the world. We concentrate entirely on it. It is a passion. And, admittedly, somewhat of an obsession.
We have developed and built the machinery in-house. Because only this machinery enables the special and globally unique SILATEC process to produce the world’s most secure glass. Security glass worthy of the name. It is also crystal clear, without any green tinge, and offers 100% UV protection – for works of art, valuable exhibits or carpets, for example.
A single pane of SILATEC security glass can be up to eight meters long! It is light and thin and always as secure as a fortress wall.
We make a point of not manufacturing in China or Romania or anywhere else. But in Gelting, at the foot of the Bavarian Alps in Germany.

SILATEC – The advantages

Absolutely secure: even against axes, firearms, explosives or car collisions

Amazingly thin and light: doors can be opened with ease

100% UV protection: prevents UV damage to art, valuable exhibits and carpets

100% light permeability: visible light shines through completely, for crystal-clear color neutrality.

Where can i buy burglar-proof glass from SILATEC

Its quite simple: directly from us. We coordinate everything with you.

Even for elephants.

In case a burglar is a little bigger: Our security glass must even withstand an elephant weighing around six tons. That’s why we even install it in elephant enclosures.

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Burglar-proof P6B glass, P7B glass, P8B glass.

In this product range you will find our burglar-proof glass for the highest demands.
You have other requirements? Simply ask us. It would be a pleasure to develop a solution for you..

Burglary Protection
Type Name Dimensions max.
Options Tc
P6B + EH1
monoSILATEC P6B-EH12500 x 800016 – 2429 – 494.7P6B80 – 9070 – 8040 1)
i2SILATEC P6B-EH1 i22500 x 800026 – 4839 – 590.9 – 1.2P6B70 – 8055 – 6040 – 45
i3SILATEC P6B-EH1 i32500 x 800038 – 6054 – 790.5 – 0.8P6B65 – 7045 – 5040 – 45
P7B + EH2
monoSILATEC P7B-EH22500 x 800024 – 3643 – 734.4P7B80 – 9070 – 8041 1)
i2SILATEC P7B-EH2 i22500 x 800034 – 6053 – 930.9 – 1.2P7B70 – 8055 – 6040 – 45
i3SILATEC P7B-EH2 i32500 x 800046 – 8268 – 1080.5 – 0.8P7B65 – 7045 – 5040 – 45
P8B + EH3
monoSILATEC P8B-EH32500 x 800024 – 3239 – 594.0P8B80 – 9070 – 8043 1)
i2SILATEC P8B-EH3 i22500 x 800034 – 5649 – 790.9 – 1.2P8B70 – 8055 – 6040 – 45
i3SILATEC P8B-EH3 i32500 x 800046 – 7864 – 940.5 – 0.8P8B65 – 7045 – 5040 – 45
These are dependent on the size of the pane, loads (e.g. wind load) as well as guidelines and regulations
mono, i2, i3 monolithic, insulating glass, triple-insulating glass
Heat transfer coefficient. The smaller the value, the better the heat insulation.
TL Transparency. The greater the value, the more light gets through the glazing.
gOverall energy transmittance. The smaller the value, the less energy gets through the glazing.
RwSound insulation index. The greater the value, the better the sound insulation. The indicated values relate to krypton filling.
ALAlarm loop. Visible or invisible.
AWAlarm wire
SuSSun protection coating


Test certificate
Individual pane test record
internally determined assessed value without test report 
exclusively invisible alarm loops possible 
GOST Gost standard of Russia
VPAM PM 2007, version 2
EN 1063
Special testing, see test report proof house
Typical values range

All values are subject to standard tolerances. Our special glazing guidelines must be observed.

This portfolio shows our current product range. We also produce unusual special solutions. Ask us.

We reserve the right to make changes in the technical details, changes in the product range and changes in the instructions. Legal regulations must be complied with in all applications. Our special glazing guidelines must be observed, otherwise our guarantee expires.

If you have any doubts, please get in contact with us.

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Our burglar-proof glass can do even more.

Armored glass from SILATEC can be combined with many other security and convenience functions. For example, with effective sun protection. Or with an alarm function that remains visible or invisible. Or would you like our burglar-proof glass in combination with a blackout switch? This means that the burglar-resistant glazing can be darkened immediately at the touch of a button, for example, to prevent people in the entrance area from seeing into the building.
Do you have any other wishes? Please feel free to ask us.

Will the number of burglaries decrease?

What do you think? Will the threat potential decrease or increase? Just think of the gap between rich and poor. The division of society on central issues. The increasing readiness to use violence. The question of envy.

The fact is: perpetrators often come during the day and mainly focus on the supposed weak point – windows. Alarm systems only signalize that something is happening, but they themselves offer no real physical resistance. And it is often precisely this resistance, the greatest possible time delay, that decides whether a burglary can be successfully fended off.

If not, the actual damage can hardly be quantified: The victims usually no longer feel safe within their own four walls and are forced to move. Burglar-proof glass from SILATEC is also an investment in peace of mind. 

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How can you secure your existing windows?


Securing windows

Why is a mushroom head lock so important?


Mushroom head lock

A glass corner? Burglar-proof? How?


Glass corner

P4A glass? Why P6B glass from SILATEC is so much more secure.


P4A glass or P6B glass

What is polycarbonate glazing?


Polycarbonate glazing

How can museums be better protected by burglar-proof (armored) glass?

Glass is often the decisive element and contributes significantly to more security in museums. Conventional security glass can be smashed by burglars in just a few seconds. In 2019, this caused damage worth billions in the historic Green Vault museum in Dresden. Germany. The safety glass was smashed in a few seconds.
The "right" burglar-proof glass can prevent such break-ins. SILATEC P8B glass with polycarbonate has proved to be particularly effective for this purpose. A further advantage of this type of glazing: 100% UV protection. And color-neutral light transmission. Exhibits appear completely natural – no color distortion.

What are the categories of burglar-proof (armored) glass?

Burglar-proof glass or armored glass is divided into three different classifications: P6B, P7B and P8B glass. P6B glazing is the lowest resistance class and P8B glass the highest. The European standard for burglar-resistant glass is EN 356.

Learn how burglar-proof glass is tested

Is armored glass heavier than "normal" glass?

Yes. Burglar-proof glass is a heavier than "normal" double glazing.

Conventional insulating glass, consisting of two panes of glass of 4mm each, weighs from approx. 20 kg/m2 (4 psf). Triple thermal insulation glass, which provides superior insulation, weighs at least 30 kg/m2 (6 psf).

Armored glass of resistance class P6B is available from approx. 27 kg/m2 (6 psf). For thermal insulation (double glazing), at least 10 kg/m2 (2 psf) are added – in total from 37 kg/m2 (8 psf).

Burglar-proof P6B glass as triple glazing weighs at least 47 kg/m2 (10 psf). Large glass panes, with or without burglary protection, must be made thicker from approx. 3 m2 (30 square foot) glass area for structural reasons and weigh accordingly more.

Burglar-resistant glass with polycarbonate weighs considerably less than conventional armored glass. Typical basis weights in (kg/m2) and pounds per square foot (psf):

Silatec P6Bfrom 29from 6
Silatec P8Bfrom 39from 8

Can armored glass make jewellery stores safer?

Yes. Quite significantly, because normal safety glass can be smashed in a few seconds. Burglar-proof glass, on the other hand, prevents jewellery store break-ins. The decisive factor is the resistance class of the armored glass. P8B glass offers the highest resistance. P8B glass with a polycarbonate core is even more secure. The reason for this is that the impact resistance of polycarbonate is about 200 times greater than that of glass.

Does burglar-proof (armored) glass also offer sufficient UV protection for works of art?

Normal safety glass, or conventional armored glass, has no UV protection. Only 100% UV-impermeable glass panes offer sufficient protection. Similar to sunglasses: a little UV protection is just not enough. Burglar-proof glass with optimum protection for works of art must meet these three criteria:

- 100% UV protection
- Crystal clarity and color-neutrality to allow the colors of artworks and paintings to look natural.
- Burglary protection for many minutes: at least P6B glass or, better yet, P8B glass with a polycarbonate core (SILATEC P8B glass). 

Which safety glass offers maximum protection for museums?

Burglar-proof glass of the highest resistance class P8B with polycarbonate core offers maximum protection for museums. Polycarbonate is a very impact-resistant plastic and increases the security of the glazing by about 20 times compared to safety glass without polycarbonate. To protect exhibits and paintings from UV damage, the burglar-proof glazing must in addition provide 100% UV protection. And still be crystal clear. This means daylight falls into the building unadulterated, color-neutral. So the colors of paintings look natural. Just as they were created.

See how leading museums have utilized the security and light advantages here

How does burglary protection in designated heritage buildings work?

Since buildings listed as historical monuments may not be visibly altered, the burglar-resistant glass must be particularly thin and light to fit into the slim window frames. In many cases, the burglar-resistant glazing must also be slightly wavy and look like glass made about 100 years ago. The historical character of the façade is preserved. From about 12mm (1/2") thickness, such special glazing is available with burglary protection classification P6B glass. P6B glass with polycarbonate is suitable for listed museums, as it offers approx. 20 times more burglary protection than conventional armored glass. And UV protection.

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