Walls are safest.
But glass is most beautiful.
The solution: ARMORED glass walls.

SILATEC armored glass is tested to extremes almost every day. By burglars across the world. As of today our burglar proof glass has prevented well over 1000 break-ins. Our armored glass is tested and certified according to current standards (as per the European standard for burglar proof glass, DIN EN 356 and the even stricter conditions of VdS damage prevention). In addition, we test our special armoured glass in our own test rig under even more brutal conditions - with axes, machine pistols, explosives and car crashes. Have a look at our film.

SILATEC ARMORED glass is many times more secure than normal armored glass.

Traditional armored glass consists of several glass panes that are linked together. The thicker these panes are, the more resistant they are. But also thicker, heavier and green-tinted.

Not SILATEC armored glass. It is thin, light and doesn't have a green tint. The superior safety benefit of our burglar-resistant panes is the result of the SILATEC principle: external glass and, in its core, extremely resistant and highly transparent plastics.

SILATEC armored glass traditional armored glass SECURITY

Pane by pane, our burglar proof glass is produced for you exactly to measure. Because it is especially light and thin, you will save money even during installation. Doors and windows can be opened easily - even by the charming lady of the house.

Burglar Proof P6B glass, P7B glass , P8B glass.

In this product portfolio you will find our burglar-resistant glass for the most demanding requirements. Do you have other requirements? We are happy to discuss them. Just get in contact with us.

Burglar Proof glass
TypeNameDimensions max.
P6B glass + EH1
monoSILATEC P6B-EH12500 x 800016–2429–494.780–9070–8040 1)
i2SILATEC P6B-EH1 i2 2500 x 800026–4839–590.9–1.270–8055–6040–45
i3SILATEC P6B-EH1 i32500 x 800038–6054–790.5–0.865–7045–5040–45
P7B glass + EH2
monoSILATEC P7B-EH22500 x 800024–3643–734.480–9070–8041 1)
i2SILATEC P7B-EH2 i22500 x 800034–6053–930.9–1.270–8055–6040–45
i3SILATEC P7B-EH2 i32500 x 800046–8268–1080.5–0.865–7045–5040–45
P8B glass + EH3
monoSILATEC P8B-EH32500 x 800024–3239–594.080–9070–8043 1)
i2SILATEC P8B-EH3 i22500 x 800034–5649–790.9–1.270–8055–6040–45
i3SILATEC P8B-EH3 i32500 x 800046–7864–940.5–0.865–7045–5040–45
These are dependent on the size of the pane, loads (e.g. wind load) as well as guidelines and regulations
mono, i2, i3 monolithic, insulating glass, triple-insulating glass
Heat transfer coefficient. The smaller the value, the better the heat insulation.
TL Transparency. The greater the value, the more light gets through the glazing.
gOverall energy transmittance. The smaller the value, the less energy gets through the glazing.
RwSound insulation index. The greater the value, the better the sound insulation. The indicated values relate to krypton filling.
ALAlarm loop. Visible or invisible.
AWAlarm wire
SuSSun protection coating


Test certificate
Individual pane test record
internally determined assessed value without test report 
exclusively invisible alarm loops possible 
GOST Gost standard of Russia
VPAM PM 2007, version 2
EN 1063
Special testing, see test report proof house
Typical values range

All values are subject to standard tolerances. Our special glazing guidelines must be observed.

This portfolio shows our current product range. We also produce unusual special solutions. Ask us.

We reserve the right to make changes in the technical details, changes in the product range and changes in the instructions. Legal regulations must be complied with in all applications. Our special glazing guidelines must be observed, otherwise our guarantee expires.

If you have any doubts, please get in contact with us.

Armor glass

SILATEC's armor glass keeps burglars outside. Because our armor glass is tested to the strictest standards.

The European standard for burglar proof glass EN 356 is divided into 3 types of burglary proof glass in 3 resistance classes: P6B, P7B and - the highest - P8B.

The panes are tested with a machine-controlled axe: with millimetre-precision, constant force, and constant re-sharpening. The goal is to strike a hole of 40 x 40 cm in the burglar-resistant glass - one which a person could climb through for example. The more axe blows required, the higher the resistance class. In each case 3 burglar proof glasses are tested. 

So much for the theory. In practice: our armour glass is undefeated. We are not aware of a single "successful breach" - worldwide.

Resistance classes for burglar-resistant glass in accordance with EN 356 and VdS
Number of axe attacks30 to 5051 to 70More than 70
Resistance class as per EN 356P6BP7BP8B
Resistance class as per VdSEH1*EH2*EH3*

*Our burglar-resistant glass is additionally tested according to the even stricter VdS damage prevention. The designations are EH1, EH2, EH3 and even more resistant than the European standard.

Additional technical data can be found
in our product specifications.