What is it that
our bulletproof glass
cannot do?

Cooking. Our bulletproof glass
is prepared for everything else.

Independent of what happens on the outside: You sit inside, drink a glass of wine and read a book. Because bulletproof glass by SILATEC withstands the most brutal attacks. Because we send it through hell during our tests. The shelling test in accordance with the European standard EN 1063 is only the beginning. In addition, we test our bulletproof glass with totally different weapons.

For example, with the Kalaschnikow AK 47 and “standard ammunition. But also with war weapons - loaded with hard-core bullets or special incendiary devices. An inferno. However, the walls of glass withstands even sharpshooter rifles such as the Russian Dragunow. (We have test certificates in accordance with the Russian shelling standard “GOST” for this weapon.)

Hazard? Banned.

Bulletproof glass for all requirements.
Pistol, revolver, rifle, machine pistol or Kalaschnikow - SILATEC provides bulletproof glass for all requirements, certified and tested. In accordance with all rules and standards: in Europe with the shelling classes as per DIN EN 1063 (BR1 to BR7), in Russia as per the “GOST standard” or militarily as per NATO standard “Stanag”.

If this should still not be adequate, then we will test individually based on your specifications. Because SILATEC develops bulletproof glass customized to your requirements. No matter whether this is for a single armored glass pane or for complete houses, for bulletproof glazings for new buildings or a retroactive protection of old buildings.

Our bulletproof glass is surprisingly thin and light weight - perfect for windows and doors, which can be easily opened and closed. This is different for the traditional, thick and clumsy armored glass, whose safety is significantly worse. Please ask us.

Bulletproof glass:
Calm comes
from the inside.

How does bulletproof glass work?

The problem: The bursting speed of glass is about 10,000 km/h and therefore it is far above the bullet speed of normally about 3,000 km/h. The glass bursting is faster than the bullet itself and this reduces the penetration resistance drastically. This is fatal for armored glass because it only consists of multi-layer glass. SILATEC combines high technology plastic materials such as polycarbonate and materials developed in-house: This provides maximal transparency, viscosity, elasticity and hardness for our full penetration resisting glass.

Burglarproof glass
in light weight slide elements.

Safety and light weight? Absolutely: Because the most bulletproof glass of this world is also surprisingly thin and light weight. It is especially enjoyable in large area sliding elements because the opening and closing is easily performed. Our bulletproof glass has an additional advantage if compared with the thick and heavy armored glass: It is crystal clear without any green tint.

This is why you see the beautiful blue sky in a beautiful blue - and not in green. By the way, we deliver our bulletproof glass in all desired formats and up to a width of eight meters; this means, that you can plan the width of all four elements of a sliding door with almost complete freedom. For light and air and for a breathtaking panorama.

Customers that
rely on us.

Mathis Meier, Architekten
silatec stars
For 25 years now, we already work with SILATEC safety glass for our demanding house builders.
La Boutique Genève B&O
Laurent Nobs, Genève B&O
La Boutique Genève B&O
silatec stars
We are proud to work with Silatec safety glass and to offer the best protection for our customers. At Silatec we find the passion for perfect products which are close to our heart.
Didier Ducard of BHS
silatec stars
Silatec is our reliable partner for all installations that require an increased protection while delivering a maximum of brightness. Silatec glass fulfills the aesthetic requirements of our demanding customers.
Zbären Kitchen
Benjamin and Matthias Zbären
Zbären Kitchen
silatec stars
Whether Gstaad, Genf or Monaco, we always see SILATEC safety glass at our customers. A High End Product, such as our kitchens.
Beyer Chronometrie
Rene Beyer, Jeweler
Beyer Chronometrie
silatec stars
We make no compromises when it comes to safety. For 20 years now, we protect our display windows only with SILATEC safety glass.
Joël Meylan, Atelier K
silatec stars
Highest safety with the best optical quality
at the same time - that convinced us!

How do you make your house

Bulletproof glass for your house.

Bulletproof and beauty? No contradiction when using the right bulletproof glass - on the contrary: We produce in all conceivable formats and up to a width of eight meters. Our bulletproof glass is completely transparent and floods your object unhindered with light and air.

You open the architecture with modern, large area window fronts and absolute bulletproof glass everywhere where you planned in the past walls for safety reasons. By the way, your pieces of art or valuable carpets are also safely protected - thanks to the integrated, effective UV filter.

And since our bulletproof glass is surprisingly thin and light weight, it is also suitable for the retrofit of older buildings or even landmarked buildings. Normal armored glass in contrast is heavy. Thick. With a green tint. And by far not as safe as bulletproof glass by SILATEC.

How much does
bulletproof glass cost?

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Protection against handguns? Long weapons? War weapon ammunition?

*NS is the abbreviation of “no spall,” meaning that no glass splinters occur on the protected side.
Wie groß ist Ihr größtes Fenster?
Wie klein ist Ihr kleinstes Fenster?
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G7 Logo

Silatec at the G7 summit

Bulletproof glass
for corporate headquarters.

The retrofit with bulletproof glass is less costly than you think. Because: You can in most cases keep the existing frames since our bulletproof glass is so light weight and so surprisingly thin. And our full penetration resisting glazing has no impact on the visual image of your headquarter building.

Finally, our bulletproof glass: is one hundred percent color-neutral (especially in contrast with the traditional, green tinted armored glass).

How will the hazard situation develop in the future? To be prepared for the worst case, it is recommended that you act today for tomorrow.

Bulletproof glass
for embassies.

We work worldwide. Because we are aware that bulletproof glass is faced with very individual challenges in each individual country. The weapon in the cabinet is widespread in Switzerland: Because released soldiers have the opportunity to take ownership of their personal weapon.

This is the “Assault rifle 90” by Sig Sauer, it may also be the SP 2022, a semi-automatic pistol by the same manufacturer. No other weapon is more owned in the US than the assault rifle AR-15 - also called “America’s Gun” - the civil version of a military rifle, which was first produced in 1959 for the American army. 3.7 million Americans own this semi-automatic weapon.

The “AK47” or the “AK74”, the so-called “Kalaschnikow”, can be found in Russia, while an above-average number of weapons in private hands can generally be found in countries with a high number of violent crimes such as Iraq, Pakistan or South Africa.

Our bulletproof glass: can be configured very differently, depending on the different requirement on this globe. Because especially embassies are exposed political world stages, which require perfect protection in a very special manner.

Bulletproof glass
for old buildings.

An old building is lived-in cultures, and the architecture is often in the foreground. The architecture. The charisma and the personality of the object. Bulletproof glass by SILATEC integrates itself here seamlessly and unnoticed. Because it is surprisingly thin and therefore fits into many old frames. You may not have thought it possible.

The full penetration resisting glazing is also remarkably light weight, and conserves and reliefs the often fragile mechanics. The opening of the glass will not be made difficult, which is a appreciable advantage especially for large window fronts.

Based on a study of the “Kriminologisches Forschungsinstitut Niedersachsen” [criminal logical research institute Lower Saxony], burglars prefer remote old buildings and, of course, easily conquered windows. The bulletproof glass not only plays a central role, but, among others, also the window frame. We would be pleased to provide consultations to you on this subject. Beautiful or safe? You combine both with our bulletproof glass.

Which protection class is the
right one for you?

It is best to receive a consultation directly from us, because we are intensely focused on this subject for two generations. This is the easiest way and you do not need to read the rest. Except if you want to know more. With pleasure:

Bulletproof glass
against short weapons.

BR1, BR2, BR3, BR4
22 LR
.357 Magnum
.44 Magnum

Compared with long weapons, pistols and revolvers have the advantage of an easier transportability. But their full penetration power is in most cases less than 100 meters. We recommend the resistance class FB4/BR4 in accordance with the European standard EN 1063 (BR4 represents the bulletproof glass; FB4 represents the window) for short weapons. This bulletproof glass and window safely protect even against the bullet of a revolver with the caliber Magnum .44 and so-called “standard ammunition”, of course also smaller calibers such as the 9 mm Luger.

The FB4/BR4 fulfills all lower resistance classes down to FB1/BR1, the higher resistance classes, which we adhere to, are recommended for long weapons and even for war firearms with hard-core ammunitions.

Bulletproof glass
against long weapons.

SG1, SG2, BR5, BR6, AK 47, Nato Stang 1
5.56 x 45
7.62 x 51
7.62 x 51
SG1 + SG2

Long weapons have a significantly higher penetration power than short weapons, also a longer reach - often for several hundred meters. However, the decisive factor is the ammunition: Standard ammunition is “softer” and therefore has only half the penetration power than hard-core or war weapon bullets (see below).

The European standard EN 1063 specifies the protection classes FB5/BR5 and FB6/BR6 to protect against long weapons with standard ammunition. We recommend the higher resistance class FB6/BR6, because the price difference to FB5/BR5 is not significant. The classes SG1 and SG2 protect against shelling by fowling pieces.

Bulletproof glass
against hard-core ammunition.

BR7, AK47 Russian GOST 4,
Dragunov Russian GOST 5
7.62 x 51
hard core
GOST 4: AK47
5.56 x 45
hard core
GOST 5: Dragunov
7.62 x 54R
hard core

The resistance class FB7/BR7 (as per EN 1063) is applicable if war weapons, i.e. hard-core ammunitions, are used. The class GOST 4 is known in Russia. It also withstand a Kalaschnikow AK 47. GOST 5 is even safe against the dreaded Dragunov.

Hard-core ammunition is specially hardened and it has a penetration power that is significantly higher than standard ammunition. Therefore, glass, window frames and also the walls must be designed safer. Normally also thicker and more expensive.

Made in Germany
Bulletproof glass.
Made in Germany.

The reality says it all: Bulletproof glass by SILATEC can be found at the G7 and the G20 summits. In the German Reichstag in Berlin. In the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. At the jeweler Bulgari worldwide, in exclusive mansions of this world and always if only on item is requested: The safest glass of the world. Consciously and as a matter of principle “Made in Germany”.

In more detail: In Gelting, a suburb in the south of Munich and at the foot of the Bavarian Alps. This is where the family business produces already for two generations safety glass - and nothing else. Using especially developed, highly specialized machines, because only these enable the unique production process, which delivers the unique glass. This is supported by the passion, almost an obsession, to present to the most demanding customer those products that could be life saving for them: namely absolute safety.

Beschussamt UlmBeschussamt München
Our bulletproof glass - tested in accordance with all standards.
Do you want to test our bulletproof glass yourself?
With pleasure: Write us an email or call us.

Bulletproof glass against AK47 and AK74

The AK47 is named after its inventor: Michail Kalaschnikow, who developed it in 1947. This assault rifle is as famous as it is infamous. However, the even more dangerous, further developed version is called AK74 and it is produced all over the world based on licenses. To protect you also against this danger, we are consequent and we test our bulletproof glass directly at the location in the homeland of the Kalaschnikow: in Russia. The official proof for the resistance force of our bulletproof glass even against this weapon can be found in the test certificates of the Russian GOST standard.

Bulletproof glass against special squad forces

Test standards are good because they provide orientation: Our bulletproof glass fulfills all safety standards and convinces also the government Beschussämter, for example in Russia and Germany. However, it is also clear: No culprit conforms to a standard. This is why we test our bulletproof glass against the worst cases - with sledgehammers, axes or a car crash. With explosives.

With special squad forces such as the German GSG9, the Austrian Cobra and with police and military units all over the world; for example, in Asia or South America. Finally, you should know: Anything can happen out there. Nothing at the inside.

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bulletproof glass now
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Bulletproof glass by Silatec

Certified and tested in accordance with the strictest standards, absolutely safe, even against car crashes or explosives: the best bulletproof glass in the world. Tested in Europe for the shelling classes in accordance with EN 1063 (BR1 to BR7), in accordance with the Russian GOST standard and even in accordance with “Stanag”, the military NATO standard.

We would be pleased to test individually for very special specifications and requirements. We can customize your bulletproof glass also for very different forms and formats, even if you only want to obtain bulletproof pane: Please, inquire.

SILATEC ShooteQ thin and light weight

Thickness starting with [mm]

Weight [kg/m2]




Pistol 9mm



Mag 357



Mag .44



AK47 7.62 x 39



Nato G3 7.62 x 51



Nato G3 hardcore



Dragunov hardcore



SILATEC Bullet Protection
EN 1063
Type Name Dimensions max.
Options Tc
BR 1
NS monoSILATEC BR1-NS 14/272000 x 300015284.9P6B 3)40 3)
NS i2SILATEC BR1-NS 33/412000 x 300033421.0 (Kr) 1.2 (Ar)P6B 1)43 3)
BR 2
9mm Parabellum
NS monoSILATEC BR2-NS 18/352000 x 300019354.7P7B 3)40 3)
NS i2SILATEC BR2-NS 28/44 [MSS]Consultancy28441.4 (Kr) 1.9 (Ar)P6B 3)38 3)
SILATEC BR2-NS 41/542000 x 300041551.0 (Kr) 1.2 (Ar)P7B 3)43 3)
S monoSILATEC BR2-S/P8B/EH3 27/46-AS2500 x 400027464.0P8B 1)43 1)
SILATEC BR2-S/P8B/EH3 28/492500 x 400028494.0P8B43 1)
SILATEC BR2-S/P8B/EH3 30/54-AS2500 x 500030544.0P8B 1)43 1)
BR 3
.357 Magnum
NS monoSILATEC BR3-NS 20/402000 x 300021404.7P7B 3)41 3)
NS i2SILATEC BR3-NS 48/602000 x 300048611.0 (Kr) 1.2 (Ar)P8B 3)43 3)
S i2SILATEC BR3-S 38/552000 x 300038551.0 (Kr) 1.2 (Ar)P6B 1)43 3)
BR 4
.44 Magnum
NS monoSILATEC BR4-NS 25/522000 x 400025534.7P6B 2)42 1)
SILATEC BR4-NS 30/61-AS2000 x 400030614.5P7B 2)42 3)
NS i2SILATEC BR4-NS 35/58Consultancy35581.1 (Kr) 1.2 (Ar)P6B 3)42 3)
SILATEC BR4-NS (25.52) 39/68 i22000 x 400039 – 4368 – 731.1 (Kr) 1.6 (Ar)P6B 2)40 3)
SILATEC BR4-NS 52/762000 x 300052761.0 (Kr) 1.2 (Ar)P8B 2)48 1)
SILATEC BR4-NS 54/82-AS2000 x 350054821.0 (Kr) 1.2 (Ar)P8B 3)48 3)
NS i3SILATEC BR4-NS (25.52) 53/83 i32000 x 400053 – 6183 – 930.7 (Kr) 0.9 (Ar)P6B 2)40 3)
SILATEC BR4-NS 61/80-10102000 x 300061800.5 (Kr) 0.8 (Ar)P8B 3)45 3)
SILATEC BR4-NS 69/100-1010-T-AS2000 x 4500691000.5 (Kr) 0.8 (Ar)P8B 3)
S i2SILATEC BR4-S 42/64-122500 x 500042641.0 (Kr) 1.2 (Ar)P6B 1)43 3)
SILATEC BR4-S 44/69-12-AS2500 x 500044691.0 (Kr) 1.2 (Ar)P6B 1)44 1)
S i3SILATEC BR4-S 56/69-1212-T2500 x 500056690.5 (Kr) 0.7 (Ar)P6B 1)45 1)
SILATEC BR4-S 56/69-1212-T-AS2500 x 500056690.5 (Kr) 0.7 (Ar)P6B 1)45 1)
BR 5
5.56 x 45
NS monoSILATEC BR5-NS 35/762000 x 400036764.4P7B 3)43 3)
NS i2SILATEC BR5-NS (35.76) 50/91 i22000 x 400050 – 5491 – 961.1 (Kr) 1.6 (Ar)P7B 3)42 3)
SILATEC BR5-NS 62/992000 x 3000631011.1 (Kr) 1.1 (Ar)P7B 3)45 3)
NS i3SILATEC BR5-NS (35.76) 64/106 i32000 x 400064 – 72106 – 1160.7 (Kr) 0.9 (Ar)P7B 3)42 3)
BR 6
7.62 x 51 full metal jacket
NS monoSILATEC BR6-NS 41/902450 x 450041914.4P7B 3)43 3)
SILATEC BR6-NS 43/92-AS2450 x 450043924.4P7B 3)43 3)
NS mono EI 30SILATEC BR6-NS 53/114 EI301400 x 3000531144.4P7B 3)44 3)
NS i2SILATEC BR6-NS 52/97Consultancy52971.1 (Kr) 1.5 (Ar)P7B 3)44 3)
SILATEC BR6-NS 53/86Consultancy53861.1 (Kr) 1.2 (Ar)P8B 3)44 3)
SILATEC BR6-NS (41.90) 55/106 i22450 x 450055 – 60106 – 1121.1 (Kr) 1.6 (Ar)P7B 3)44 3)
SILATEC BR6-NS 69/1222000 x 4000691221.0 (Kr) 1.1 (Ar)P8B 2)48 3)
NS i3SILATEC BR6-NS (41.90) 69/121 i32450 x 450069 – 78121 – 1320.7 (Kr) 0.9 (Ar)P7B 3)44 3)
SILATEC BR6-NS 82/133-10102000 x 4000821330.5 (Kr) 0.8 (Ar)P8B 3)46 3)
BR 7
7.62 x 51 hardcore
NS monoSILATEC BR7-NS 63/1271250 x 3100631264.5P8B 3)45 3)
SILATEC BR7-NS 75/1631200 x 2550751634.5P8B 3)45 3)
NS i2SILATEC BR7-NS (63.127) 77/142 i21250 x 3100771411.1 (Kr) 1.6 (Ar)P8B 3)42 3)
SILATEC BR7-NS (75.163) 89/178 i21200 x 2550891781.1 (Kr) 1.6 (Ar)P8B 3)42 3)
NS i3SILATEC BR7-NS (63.127) 91/157 i31250 x 3100911560.6 (Kr) 0.9 (Ar)P8B 3)42 3)
SG 1
shotgun 12/70
NS monoSILATEC SG1-NS 25/431000 x 220026444.0P8B 3)40 3)
NS i2SILATEC SG1-NS 57/792000 x 350057801.0 (Kr) 1.0 (Ar)P7B 3)45 3)
SG 2
shotgun 12/70
NS monoSILATEC SG2-NS 31/521000 x 220031524.0P8B 3)43 3)
NS i2SILATEC SG1-NS 64/952000 x 350064961.0 (Kr) 1.0 (Ar)P8B 3)48 3)
Bulletproof glass / special classifications
Type Name Dimensions max.
Options Tc
AK 47
7.62 x 39 8 gr. Fe-core, full metal, pointed
NS monoSILATEC AK47-NS 36/762000 x 400036764.4--PM6-NS 7)BR5-NS 8)43 3)
NS - i2SILATEC AK47-NS (36.76) 50/91 i22000 x 400050 – 5491 – 961.1 (Kr) 1.6 (Ar)--PM6-NS 3)BR5-NS 3)40 3)
SILATEC AK47-NS 60/103 i22000 x 3000601031.1 (Kr) 1.6 (Ar)--PM6-NS 3)-43 3)
NS - i3SILATEC AK47-NS (36.76) 64/106 i32000 x 400064 – 72106 – 1160.7 (Kr) 0.9 (Ar)--PM6-NS 3)BR5-NS 3)40 3)
AK 47 armour-piercing
7.62 x 39 7.70 gr. armour-piercing, incendiary
NS - monoSILATEC AK47-NS 62/1412000 x 4000621414.42 5)4 6)--47 3)
SILATEC Gost2014 - 4NS 67/133 i22000 x 4000671331.1 (Kr) 1.5 (Ar)-4 6)--43 3)
NS - i2SILATEC AK47-NS (62.141) 76/157 i22000 x 400076 – 80157 – 1671.1 (Kr) 1.6 (Ar)2 5)---43 3)
NS - i3SILATEC AK47-NS (62.141) 90/171 i32000 x 400090 – 94171 – 1810.6 (Kr) 0.9 (Ar)2 5)---43 3)
7.62 x 54 R 9.60 gr. Fe-core
NS - i2SILATEC Dragunov 60/117 i22000 x 3000601171.1 (Kr) 1.6 (Ar)----43 3)
SILATEC Dragunov 57/106 i22000 x 3000571061.1 (Kr) 1.6 (Ar)----43 3)
Dragunov armour-piercing
7.62 x 54 R 9.60 gr. Hardcore
SILATEC Gost2014 - 5NS 95/203 i22000 x 4000952032.2 (Kr) 2.3 (Ar)-5 6)--45 3)
SILATEC Gost2014 - 5NS 99/200 i21200 x 25501002041.1 (Kr) 1.5 (Ar)-5 6)--45 3)
They depend on the size of the pane, the loads (e.g. wind load) as well as guidelines and regulations
mono, i2, i3 monolithic, insulating glass, triple insulating glass
Thermal transfer coefficient. The smaller the value, the better the heat insulation.
TL Translucence. A larger value means that more light transfers through the glazing
gTotal energy permeability. A smaller value means that less energy transfers through the glazing.
RwSound insulation measure. The larger the value, the better the sound insulation. The listed values are based on a Krypton filling.
ASAlarm loop. Visible or invisible.
AWAlarm wire
SuSSun protection coating


Test certificate
Test protocol single cell pane
internally developed estimated value without test report 
exclusively invisible alarm loop possible 
GOST Gost standard of Russia
VPAM PM 2007, version 2
EN 1063
Special test, see test report Beschussamt
Bandwidth of typical values

All values are subject to the common tolerances. Adherence to our special glazing guideline is required.

This delivery program shows our established products. We produce in addition also nonstandard special solutions. Please ask us.

We reserve the right to change the technical information, changes in the delivery program as well as changes of our references. Adherence to the legal regulations is required for all applications. Adherence to our special glazing guidelines is required, because our warranty is otherwise canceled.

When in doubt, please contact us.

The best bulletproof glass

and what else it also can do:
Variable form
We deliver our bulletproof glass customized, in all possible sizes and with a width of up to eight meters. As a bulletproof corner connection, cylindrically bent or with variable angles of slope.
Sound proofing
To ensure that no sound gets to the outside and that none penetrates the inside: The best bulletproof glass stays absolutely tight. You can increase the volume without problems.
Ecology and increasing heating costs are good reasons for a double or triple insulation of our bulletproof glass. Of course, the energy efficiency also contributes to the value increase of your object.
glass tint
Our bulletproof glass is completely transparent. Actually. Because you can use the optional tinting function to switch to opaque - lightning fast.

Other products for absolute safety.

Protective glazing

Continuous bulletproof glass, flush with the adjacent areas and filigree.
Especially suitable, for example, for consulates and embassies. 

Protective glazing

Private protection

Burglarproof glass and bulletproof glass, as always completely transparent -
your universal protection for your home.

Private protection

Ballistic Glass Wall

The most bulletproof glass in the world - mobile and quickly installed and dismantled.
For hotels and press conferences and for the G7 and G20 summit.


Bulletproof LED

Bulletproof glass for public or military facilities.
To ensure that the glass will not just be shot out.


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What does bulletproof glass consist of?

The name is bulletproof glass, however, it is not mandatory that it “only consists of glass”...

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How much does bulletproof glass cost?

The following question mainly determines how much bulletproof glass costs...

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How does bulletproof glass work?

An easy answer is not available. It depends strongly on the type of projectile how a bulletproof glass functions as well as on the design principle of the bulletproof glazing...

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How does SILATEC produce bulletproof glass?

Glass panes with a different thickness will be holohedral glued together with viscous plastic materials, often polycarbonate. The individual plates will be placed one above the other and they will be connected with the liquid SILATEC special adhesive. The material mix of glass, polycarbonate and polyurethane provides the high power of resistance to the bulletproof glass. After the gluing process, the panes must cure for two days. Afterwards, the bulletproof panes can be further processed to insulating glass or they can be installed.

Where is bulletproof glass used?

Bulletproof glass will not only be used in military vehicles. You will find bulletproof glazings also in government buildings, embassies, corporate headquarters and increasingly in private mansions. And there, where you do not expect it at a first glance: for example, in elephant enclosures. Or in vehicle cabins of construction machines and excavators to protect the driver against occupational accidents. The glass wall around the Eiffel Tower in Paris also consists of bulletproof glass. The inauguration of the President of the United States also takes place behind bulletproof glass.

Did you know that protective windows for lathes and milling machines also consist of bulletproof glass? Not only armored limousines and police vehicles have bulletproof glass.

How does bulletproof glass behave during a shooting test?

Caution: It is designated as bulletproof glass, however, it only stops the ammunition for which it was developed. If a stronger weapon or a larger caliber is used to fire onto the bulletproof glass pane, then the shot can go through the glass pane. The shooter should know, that a significant amount of hazardous splinters of glass are returned into his direction.

Even at a distance of some ten meters. The same applies to the protected side of the glass pane. A differentiation is made into such panes that have no discharge of splinter (NS = no spall) and such that discharge glass splinters on the protected side (S = spall).

What is more resistant laminated glass or bulletproof glass?

The stability or more precisely the static load-carrying action depends mainly on the thickness of the glass pane. Since bulletproof glass can also consist of laminated glass, the following question must be raised: How thick is the glass pane? A 100 mm (4”) thick glass pane has more static load-carrying action as compared with a laminated glass pane with a thickness of only 50 mm (2“). A different behavior can be identified for the burglary protection. Even armored glass with a thickness of 100 mm (4“) can be destroyed with a sledgehammer in less than one minute. SILATEC glass can resist this easily for about ten minutes, because it includes impact resisting plastic materials.

Is the term bulletproof glass wrong?

The term “bulletproof glass” could suggest that it is “absolutely safe”. However, absolute safety does not  exist. Each bulletproof pane protects against the weapon/ammunition against which it has been tested. Terms such as shelling resistant glass and full penetration resisting glazing are used as an alternative. Right or wrong is not the major question, rather the understanding against which threat scenario the glazing protects.

How is bulletproof glass destroyed?

It is probably possible when using a rocket-propelled grenade. However, what very few humans realize: Even bulletproof glass with a thickness of 100 mm can be broken when using a sledgehammer. In less than one minute. Except if the bulletproof glazing includes an adequate amount of polycarbonate - an extremely impact resisting plastic material. In this case, the bulletproof glazing can withstand hits with an ax or a sledgehammer for many, many minutes.

Which handgun shoots through bulletproof glass?

Here a simple example: The bulletproof glass was developed for the protection against a 9 mm pistol with soft core ammunition. The bulletproof pane withstands this shelling: three shots on the same pane in accordance with the European shelling test as per EN 1063. However, if a Kalaschnikow AK-47 is used to shoot on to the pane, then the ammunition will probably shoot through the pane. 

How thick must the glass pane be to ensure that it will be bulletproof?

Bulletproof glazings are available starting with a thickness of about 20 mm (3/4“) and can at best protect against small-bore handguns with soft ammunition. Bulletproof glass that protects against large calibers with a high penetration power is significantly thicker. Such glass panes can be 100 mm (4“) or thicker. This means that there is no generally valid answer to this question.

The required glass thickness depends on the weapon, the ammunition used as well as the design principle of the bulletproof glass pane. Commercially available thicknesses are between about 20 mm (3/4“) and 150 mm (6“). Full penetration resisting glass with polycarbonate is about 50% thinner and 50% lighter than bulletproof glass without polycarbonate. 

Other products

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