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Regardless of what happens outside, inside you can sit down, drink a glass of wine and read a book. Because SILATEC thwarts even the most brutal attacks. Because, in our testing, we send it through hell.

Ballistic testing according to the European standard EN 1063 is only the start. We also test with a wide range of weapons. With the Kalashnikov AK 47 and "Standard ammunition" – to armour-piercing rounds with special incendiaries. An inferno. The wall of glass can also withstand sniper weapons such as the Russian Dragunov. (For this weapon we also have the test certificates in accordance with the Russian firing standard "GOST").


The advantages of
SILATEC bullet proof glass

  • light weight
  • Ultra-thin
  • Crystal clear
  • Made in Germany
SILATEC armored glasstraditional armored glassSECURITY

We test our Bulletproof glass with different weapons

Pistols, revolvers, rifles, machine pistols, Kalashnikov AK47s or the "Dragunov" sniper rifle - here you can find SILATEC bulletproof glass, certified and tested. Whatever the standard: in Europe the ballistic classes in accordance with DIN EN 1063 (BR1 to BR7), in Russia in accordance with the "GOST Standard" or, for military purposes, the NATO standard "Stanag".

If that is not enough, we test to your requirements. Because SILATEC develops bulletproof glass in a completely personalised way according to your requirements. Even for only one armoured glass pane. Ask us.

Weapons and ammunition

BR 1 .22LR

BR 2 9mm Parabellum

BR 3 .357 Magnum

BR 4 .44 Magnum

BR 5 5.56 x 45

BR 6 7.62 x 51 Full metal jacket

BR 7 7.62 x 51 Armour-piercing

SG 1   SG 2 Shotgun 12/70

AK 47 7.62 x 39 Ferrite core / Armour-piercing incendiary

DRAGUNOV 7.62 x 54R Steel /Armour-piercing incendiary


Below you will find details of our bullet proof glass and the corresponding specifications. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We also develop tailored bullet proof glass solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Bulletproof glass
TypeNameDimensions max.
BR 1
NS monoSILATEC BR1-NS 14/272000 x 300015284.9P6B 3)40 3)
NS i2SILATEC BR1-NS 33/412000 x 300033421.0 (Kr) /1.2(Ar)P6B 1)43 3)
BR 2
9mm Parabellum
NS monoSILATEC BR2-NS 18/352000 x 300019354.7P7B 3)40 3)
NS i2 SILATEC BR2-NS 28/44 [MSS]Consultancy28441.4 (Kr) /1.9(Ar)P6B 3)38 3)
SILATEC BR2-NS 41/542000 x 300041551.0 (Kr) /1.2(Ar)P7B 3)43 3)
S monoSILATEC BR2-S/P8B/EH3 27/46-AS2500 x 500027464.0P8B 1)43 1)
SILATEC BR2-S/P8B/EH3 28/492500 x 500028494.0P8B 1)43 1)
SILATEC BR2-S/P8B/EH3 30/54-AS2500 x 500030544.0P8B 1)43 1)
BR 3
.357 Magnum
NS monoSILATEC BR3-NS 20/402000 x 300021404.7P7B 3)41 3)
NS i2SILATEC BR3-NS 48/602000 x 300048611.0 (Kr) /1.2(Ar)P8B 3)43 3)
S i2SILATEC BR3-S 38/552000 x 300038551.0 (Kr) /1.2(Ar)P6B 1)43 3)
BR 4
.44 Magnum
NS monoSILATEC BR4-NS 25/522450 x 4500 25534.7P6B 2)42 1)
SILATEC BR4-NS 28/562450 x 4500 28564.7P7B 2)/SG1-NS 2)42 3)
SILATEC BR4-NS 30/61-AS2450 x 4500 30614.5P7B 3)42 3)
NS i2SILATEC BR4-NS 35/58Consultancy35581.1(Kr) /1.6(Ar)P6B 3)42 3)
SILATEC BR4-NS (25.52) 39/68 i22450 x 4500 39–4368–73 1.1 (Kr) /1.6(Ar)P6B 2)40 3)
SILATEC BR4-NS 52/762000 x 350052761.0 (Kr) /1.2(Ar)P8B 2)48 1)
SILATEC BR4-NS 54/82-AS2000 x 400054821.0 (Kr) /1.2(Ar)P8B 3)48 3)
NS i3SILATEC BR4-NS (25.52) 53/83 i32450 x 450053–6183–930.7(Kr)/0.9(Ar)P6B 2)40 3)
SILATEC BR4-NS 61/80-10102000 x 300061800.5 (Kr) /0.8(Ar)P8B 3)45 3)
SILATEC BR4-NS 69/100-1010-T-AS2000 x 4500691000.5 (Kr) /0.8(Ar)P8B 3)
S i2SILATEC BR4-S 42/64-122500 x 500042641.0 (Kr) /1.2(Ar) P6B 1)43 3)
SILATEC BR4-S 44/69-12-AS2500 x 500044691.0 (Kr) /1.2(Ar) P6B 1)44 1)
S i3SILATEC BR4-S 56/69-1212-T2500 x 500056690.5 (Kr) /0.7(Ar)P6B 1)45 1)
SILATEC BR4-S 56/69-1212-T-AS2500 x 500056690.5 (Kr) /0.7(Ar)P6B 1)45 1)
BR 5
5.56 x 45
NS monoSILATEC BR5-NS 35/76•2450 x 450036764.4P7B 3)43 3)
NS i2SILATEC BR5-NS (35.76) 50/91 i22450 x 450050–5491–961.1(Kr)/1.6(Ar)P7B 3)42 3)
SILATEC BR5-NS 62/992500 x 3000631011.1 (Kr) /1.1(Ar)P7B 3)45 3)
NS i3SILATEC BR5-NS (35.76) 64/106 i32450 x 450064–72106–1160.7(Kr)/0.9(Ar)P7B 3)42 3)
BR 6
7.62 x 51 calibre Full metal jacket
NS monoSILATEC BR6-NS 42/902450 x 450042904.4P7B 3)43 3)
SILATEC BR6-NS 43/92-AS2450 x 450043924.4P7B 3)43 3)
NS mono EI 30SILATEC BR6-NS 53/114 EI301400 x 3000531144.4P7B 3)44 3)
NS i2SILATEC BR6-NS 52/97Consultancy52971.1(Kr) /1.5(Ar)P7B 3)44 3)
SILATEC BR6-NS 53/86Consultancy53861.0 (Kr) /1.2(Ar)P8B 3)44 3)
SILATEC BR6-NS (42.90) 56/107 i22450 x 450056–60107–1121.1 (Kr) /1.6(Ar)P7B 3)44 3)
SILATEC BR6-NS 69/1222000 x 4000691221.0 (Kr) /1.1(Ar)P8B 2)48 3)
NS i3SILATEC BR6-NS (42.90) 70/122 i32450 x 450070–78122–1320.7 (Kr) /0.9(Ar)P7B 3)44 3)
SILATEC BR6-NS 82/133-10102000 x 4000821330.5 (Kr) /0.8(Ar)P8B 3)46 3)
BR 7
7.62 x 51 calibre Armour-piercing
NS monoSILATEC BR7-NS 63/1271450 x 2550631264,5P8B 3)45 3)
NS i2SILATEC BR7-NS (63.127) 77/142 i21500 x 3200771411.1 (Kr) /1,6(Ar)P8B 3)42 3)
NS i2SILATEC BR7-NS (63.127) 91/157 i31500 x 3200911561.1 (Kr) /1,6(Ar)P8B 3)42 3)
SG 1
Shotgun 12/70
NS monoSILATEC SG1-NS 25/431000 x 220026444.0P8B 3)40 3)
NS i2SILATEC SG1-NS 57/79 2000 x 350057801.0 (Kr) /1.0(Ar)P7B 3)45 3)
SG 2
Shotgun 12/70
NS monoSILATEC SG2-NS 31/521000 x 220031524.0P8B 3)43 3)
NS i2SILATEC SG1-NS 64/952000 x 350064961.0 (Kr) /1.0(Ar)P8B 3)48 3)
Bulletproof glass / Special classifications
Type NameDimensions max.
Test standard, Class/LevelRw
AK 47
7.62 x 39 8 gr. Fe-core, full metal, pointed
NS mono SILATEC AK47-NS 36/762450 x 400036764.4-3 6)PM6-NS 7)BR5-NS 8)43 3)
NS - i2SILATEC AK47-NS (36.76) 50/91 i22450 x 400050-5491-961.1 (Kr) /1.6(Ar)--PM6-NS 7)BR5-NS 8)40 3)
NS - i2SILATEC AK47-NS 60/103 i22450 x 4000601031.1 (Kr) /1.6(Ar)--PM6-NS 7)-43 3)
NS - i3SILATEC AK47-NS (36.76) 64/106 i32450 x 400064-72106-1160.7 (Kr) /0.9(Ar)--PM6-NS 7)BR5-NS 8)40 3)
AK 47
7.62 x 39 7.70 gr. armour-piercing, incendiary
NS - monoSILATEC AK47-NS 62/1412450 x 4000621414.42 5)5a--47 3)
NS - i2SILATEC AK47-NS (62.141) 76/157 i22450 x 400076-80157-1671.1 (Kr) /1.6(Ar)2 5)---43 3)
NS - i3SILATEC AK47-NS (62.141) 90/171 i32450 x 400090-94171-1810.6 (Kr) /0.9(Ar)2 5)---43 3)
7.62 x 54 R 9.60 gr. Fe-core
NS - i2SILATEC Dragunov 60/117 i22450 x 3000601171.1 (Kr) /1.6(Ar)3 shot - NS (3 tests) 9)43 3)
NS - i2SILATEC Dragunov 57/106 i22000 x 4000571061.1 (Kr) /1.6(Ar)3 shot - NS (3 tests) 9)43 3)
NS - i2SILATEC special 74/129 i22000 x 4000741291.1 (Kr) /1.6(Ar)3 shot - NS (3 tests) 9)43 3)
These are dependent on the size of the pane, loads (e.g. wind load) as well as guidelines and regulations
mono, i2, i3 monolithic, insulating glass, triple-insulating glass
U Heat transfer coefficient. The smaller the value, the better the heat insulation.
TLTransparency. The greater the value, the more light gets through the glazing.
gOverall energy transmittance. The smaller the value, the less energy gets through the glazing.
RwSound insulation index. The greater the value, the better the sound insulation. The indicated values relate to krypton filling.
ALAlarm loop. Visible or invisible.
AWAlarm wire
SuSSun protection coating


Test certificate
Individual pane test record
internally determined assessed value without test report
exclusively invisible alarm loops possible
GOST Gost standard of Russia
VPAM PM 2007, version 2
EN 1063
Special testing, see test report proof house
Typical values range

All values are subject to standard tolerances. Our special glazing guidelines must be observed.

This portfolio shows our current product range. We also produce unusual special solutions. Ask us.

We reserve the right to make changes in the technical details, changes in the product range and changes in the instructions. Legal regulations must be complied with in all applications. Our special glazing guidelines must be observed, otherwise our guarantee expires.

If you have any doubts, please get in contact with us.

Fire protection:

The combination of fire protection and bullet resistance is a property-related special solution. There is no fire safety certificate in the form of a general permit from the construction authorities. For that reason the consent of the entire system, i.e. glass, frame and connection to the component require the approval of the authorities in individual cases. Fire protection glass is generally arranged on the attack side. This gives an asymmetrical glass design. The installation direction must be agreed with the responsible authorities.


Additional technical data can be found
in our product specifications.


Any questions? I will be happy to assist you.

Sebastian Dengg



Because SILATEC bulletproof glass is so thin and lightweight, it can even be retrofitted.

There is no simple answer to tell you how thick our glass is, though. That is because the thickness of our bulletproof glass depends on the weapons and ammunition it has to beat. Here are some general guidelines: 


SILATEC bullet proof glass

Handguns (9mm Luger, Magnum .357, Magnum .44) 

at least 20 – 25 mm

Rifle (M16, AK47, Nato G36, Nato G3)  at least 35 – 45 mm
Rifle (firing specialized ammunition e.g. armor-piercing rounds)      at least 60 – 100 mm 


SILATEC bulletproof glass is the perfect choice to retrofit in existing projects because it is so lightweight and thin. For example: Triple-glazed, heat-insulated glass is around 36 mm to 50 mm thick and typically weighs 30 to 60 kg/m². It is therefore completely possible to retrofit bulletproof glass to replace triple glazing – e.g. SILATEC BR4-NS 25/52. This ballistic glass (BR4-NS) even protects against Magnum .44 caliber ammunition, as well as being very thin, at only approx. 25 mm, and weighing in at only 52 kg/m².

Here is a further example: The maximum glass thickness or weight which can be fitted in existing frames is often limited – that means that the preferred bulletproof glass option can often not be fitted. In this case we are happy to offer a tailored service. We are able to develop bulletproof glass for you on an individual basis. If no ballistic glass from our product range meets your requirements, we will be happy to produce customized bulletproof glass for you.

Single-purpose fixed glazing is usually easier to retrofit than, for example, windows or doors with turn or tilt fittings. We will need to analyze the conditions at the site in each case. The shot-resistance properties of the frame remain unchanged when only the glass pane is replaced.

We look forward to running you through the process in more detail in a personal consultation.  



The impact of a shot on a fixed object is a complex physical phenomenon. This is especially true of glass, as its behavior on entry and penetration is completely different to that of other materials such as metal or wood. Glass breaks at speeds of several thousand meters per second (approx. 10,000 km/h), far faster than the speed of the bullet, which is generally several hundred meters per second. For example, a projectile of 7.62 x 51 caliber, fired from a NATO G3 rifle, travels at just 1,000 m/s (approx. 3,000 km/h). The formation of fissures in the glass caused by the impact of the bullet thus outpaces the bullet. This significantly reduces the bullet resistance of glass.

This concept is particularly relevant to conventional bulletproof glass as it only consists of multi-layer glass.

SILATEC counters this behavior by constructing our bulletproof glass from different transparent and extremely resistant materials.



There is no single answer to this question. It is almost like asking: How fast can cars go?

In any case, it is definitely hard work and takes a long time. Yet it also depends greatly on which production principle was used to manufacture the glass and how high the resistance class of the bulletproof glass is – i.e. how thick it is. The differences are huge. Bulletproof glass made with polycarbonate, for example, is much more difficult to penetrate than conventionally manufactured bulletproof glass.

SILATEC bullet proof glass is particularly resistant and is “tested” by crooks all over the world all the time. Why not watch our videos on the subject or visit us and see yourself?



We specialize in producing extremely clear bulletproof glass. You would not know that SILATEC glass was bulletproof just by looking at it. Conventional bulletproof glass appears relatively green because it is quite thick. The thicker the glass is, the greener and darker it appears. At Silatec we construct bullet proof glass from extremely transparent materials and we keep it as thin as possible. That is what makes our bullet proof glass so exceptionally transparent. And by the way, we believe this is further security advantage. An observer or potential attacker will not realize that they have bullet proof glass to contend with.   


SILATEC PRIVATE PROTECTION is designed especially for private landowners to provide absolute all-round protection. It protects against a range of handguns, intruders and more…

SILATEC ARMORED GLASS offers maximum protection against intruders. Probably the safest glass in the world.