Daylight is the best for art. And the worst. One the one hand, natural daylight is considered unsurpassed for the contemplation of art. Works that were usually created in daylight, in the spirit of the artist, should generally also be considered in the same light. On the other hand, the UV light contained in the sunlight attacks the objects. Colour pigments can fade. Colours fade into whitish and bluish. The surface gloss is lost. Or the varnish layer yellows and can no longer be removed - the work is ruined.

So SILATEC is a precise filter: visible light comes through, invisible UV light doesn't - 0%. This means: perfect protection for your works. And unclouded artistic pleasure.

"A good collector buys things that cause him difficulties at first," says gallery owner Karsten Greve in our interview. Read the complete interview about forgers as heroes and the eternal dissatisfacrion of the art collector.

Karsten Greve
The interview

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