Securing windows


Securing Windows
Therefore, making windows burglar-proof means to gain the crucial time, in which a burglar has no chance. For this reason, police experts also advise mechanical burglary protection as the indispensable basis for every security concept.

Burglary protection 
It is very easy to retrofit the burglary protection of your windows - provided that the substance of the windows and the age of the fittings permits this. Use our online form free of charge and without any obligation. 

Burglary protection  
Weak points frequently overlooked are balcony doors and French windows or areas that can only be seen with difficulty, and which burglars therefore particularly also prefer, such as cellar windows, garages and side entrances. Here too, it is imperative to retrofit burglary protection of the windows! For only a consistent security concept is really secure.

By the way, we still have a very simple tip for burglary protection: Always make sure that tools or ladders remain inaccessible. Otherwise, these will become unintentional accomplices...

Even in terms of the value development of your property, it is worthwhile retrofitting the burglary protection of your windows. After all, security issues in particular are becoming increasingly value-critical factors.


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Retrofitting of burglar-proof windows – What are the advantages, what are the disadvantages?

Existing, older windows without burglary protection can often be secured at a later date. For this purpose, the fittings of the present windows must be replaced by those with mushroom head locks. The existing glass panes must also be replaced with burglar-proof glass – at least P6B glass. Whether windows can be made burglar-proof afterwards depends on the substance of the windows. As a rule of thumb, the more solid the window is, the higher the probability that the windows can be made secure. For windows dating from the 1980s onwards, this is usually possible. Retrofit systems that are only applied to the existing window at one point are not very effective, as the window can be levered open at another point.