Bulletproof windows by SILATEC

Bulletproof windows
each shot no hit.

Bulletproof windows.
Safety. Absolute.

Home is a protected space - and it should stay that way. Independent of what happens on the outside. Bulletproof windows save life; we always hope that it will never be required.

Safe, safer, SILATEC: If safer windows would be available anywhere in the world then we would present them. SILATEC offers tested and certified protection up to the highest resistance classes. Our bulletproof windows can also be found where only one solution is demanded: the safest in the world. For example at the G7 and G20 summits. In embassies. At jewelers, in museums, galleries and in large and exposed mansions anywhere on the globe.

The absolute protection is the result of the interaction of all components: Special frame profiles, the safest safety glass, the hinges, fastening materials and the professional installation.

Bulletproof windows are beautiful

Bulletproof windows
are beautiful.

Must a fortress also look like a fortress? Quite the contrary. Bulletproof windows can normally be adapted to the architecture in any way and individually; bulletproof windows may even emphasize the individual style of the architect.

You can design bulletproof windows for very large formats: and therefore establish a light-flooded living atmosphere and a breathtaking view of the environment. We present window sizes of up to eight meters, this opens up completely now opportunities: Inside and outside come together, light and air significantly improve your quality of life. Safety can be beautiful.

How bulletproof should your windows be?

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Protection against handguns? Long weapons? War weapon ammunition?

*NS is the abbreviation of “no spall,” meaning that no glass splinters occur on the protected side.
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How vulnerable are you?

And what does your gut feeling say? The attack or threat scenario is decisive for the right protective class. And if you assume - as we do - that our world does not necessarily get safer, then you better select a higher protection class, because a later retrofit is very expensive. When in doubt obtain the assessment of the public authorities - or ask us directly, because we did specialize on this subject for two generations.

You want to know more? With pleasure: The most important differentiation in the threat scenario is between short weapons and long weapons. The short weapons include pistols or revolvers and the long weapons include, for example, rifles or Kalaschnikows. The resistance classes for bulletproof windows can be found below.

Resistance classes for
bulletproof windows

Nine different classes exist for full penetration resisting windows: from FB1 to FB7 and SG. The same applies to bulletproof glass, they are called BR1 to BR7. The protection effect is valid for the windows as well as for the glass, depending on the resistance class. See table.

Caliberbulletproof windows
protection class
bulletproof glass
protection class
Short weapons.22 LR
.357 Mag
.44 Mag
FB1 window1
FB2 window
FB3 window
FB4 window2
BR1 glass1
BR2 glass
BR3 glass
BR4 glass2
Long weapon5.56x45
FB5 window
FB6 window3
FB7 window4
BR5 glass
BR6 glass3
BR7 glass4

  • 1 The protection class FB1/BR1 has little importance for practical use, because it provides only a little protection effect.
  • 2 The protection class FB4/BR4 is often installed. For example in private homes.
  • 3 The protection class FB6/BR6 is mainly used where safe protection is required against attacks from a larger distance (long weapon).
  • 4 The protection class FB7/BR7 can be found in most cases where terrorist attacks with special hard-core ammunition (which means war weapon ammunition) must be fended off, even from large distances.

Bulletproof windows. from FB1 to FB4 represent short weapons or handguns. The respective glass is designated as BR1 to BR4.

The bulletproof windows FB5 to FB7 represent long weapons, for example, the Nato rifle G36. The glass for this application is called BR5 to BR7.

All of this with little splinter discharge (S) or as a splinter-free version (NS).

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Bulletproof windows
against short weapons

Protection class:
22 LR
.357 Magnum
.44 Magnum

Pistols or revolvers have their highest penetration power normally from less than 100 meters. They can be transported more inconspicuous than long weapons.

For this purpose, EN 1063 defines the resistance classes FB/BR1 to FB4/BR4. We recommend the resistance class FB4/BR4, because it also fulfills the requirements of the lower classifications. (FB4 designates the bulletproof windows, BR4 the bulletproof glass),

This resistance class makes you safe against a revolver with the caliber Magnum .44 using “standard ammunition”. Of course, this bulletproof window protects also against smaller calibers, for example, a 9 mm pistol with standard ammunition.

Bulletproof windows against long weapons

Protection class:
5.56 x 45
7.62 x 51
7.62 x 51
SG1 + SG2:

Rifles maintain their penetration power across several hundred meters - it is normally higher than the one for handguns. However, the ammunition makes the difference: War weapons or hard-core projectiles have approximately twice the penetration power than the “soft standard ammunition”.

The EN 1063 identifies the classes BR5 and BR6 for standard ammunition. We recommend BR6 because this glazing also fulfills the requirements of the resistance class BR5 and it only costs little more.

Bulletproof windows against hard-core ammunition

Protection class:
7.62 x 51
hard core
5.56 x 45
hard core
7.62 x 54R
hard core

The resistance class FB7/BR7 (as per EN 1063) is applicable if war weapons, i.e. hard-core ammunitions, are used. The class GOST 4 is known in Russia. It also withstand a Kalaschnikow AK 47. GOST 5 is even safe against the dreaded Dragunov.

Hard-core ammunition is specially hardened and it has a penetration power that is significantly higher than standard ammunition. Therefore, glass, window frames and also the walls must be designed safer. Normally also thicker and more expensive.

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How are full penetration resisting windows tested?

The projectile will be fired at a right angle to the window frame and the bulletproof glass, because in this manner it develops the highest penetration power. Next, an attempt to shoot at a sloped angle between frame and bulletproof glass is made also between window sash and frame casing.

Bulletproof windows need light weight glass.

Our bulletproof glass with polycarbonate is not only significantly safer than a traditional armored glass window. It is also dramatically thinner and it weighs significantly less. And this is noticeable. The large area windows can be opened and closed much easier and more comfortable especially in modern, open living concepts.

How much do
bulletproof windows cost?

We would be pleased to generate a non-binding cost estimate for you.

The costs depend on the material, the resistance class, format and other factors. Therefore, here are only a few coarse and non-binding guide values (net):

Protection classPrice incl. glassNS (no spall)
FB2/BR2approx. 2,500 €/m²
FB3/BR3approx. € 3,000/m²
FB4/BR4approx. € 3,500/m²
FB5/BR5approx. € 4,500/m²
FB6/BR6approx. € 5,800/m²
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Protection against handguns? Long weapons? War weapon ammunition?

*NS is the abbreviation of “no spall,” meaning that no glass splinters occur on the protected side.
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Can windows be retrofitted
to be bulletproof?

Yes. Let’s assume a company headquarter built in the 1960s. The hazard situation has changed and - based on the exposed position of the corporation - the experts recommend bulletproof windows. And not only senior management but also the employees and the visitors must enjoy safe protection.

The bulletproof windows must be integrated completely into the architectural style of the building. Even better if the bulletproof glass is thin and light enough that it can be installed in the existing window frames and that it does not overload the static of the building.

Attachment windows are recommended if you prefer retrofit over exchange. In this case, the bulletproof windows are installed in front or behind the existing windows, which means at the outside facade or inside in the rooms. For example, bullet proof attachment windows can be integrated harmonically in landmarked objects.

Bulletproof windows:
all options.

A bulletproof window must not look like a bulletproof window. Normally it can be fully integrated into the existing architecture. Bulletproof windows are available in all variations: made of wood, metal covered with wood, modern or historic appearance, as filigree sliding windows, sliding doors, swivel windows, pivot-hung windows or as large panorama windows with a width of up to eight meters.

Overview of the
material characteristics

Service lifeapprox. 40-50 yearsapprox. 60 yearsapprox. 70 years
CareEvery two years: glazing,
every five years: varnishing
no care requiredno care required (stainless steel)
EcologyRenewable raw materialhigh energy production,
therefore long service life
and good recyclable
recycled versions can be delivered,
longest service life
Insulation valuesgoodonly in connection with woodonly in connection with
supplementary equipment
Other benefitsbreathablehigh weather resistanceEnables very thin profiles,
very robust even for public traffic
Bulletproof windows made of wood

Bulletproof windows made of wood

As a sustainable natural raw material, wood has a warm, comfortable look-and-feel, wood windows are also breathable. With the special texture, the haptics and optics of the surface, bulletproof windows made of wood offer characteristic design elements. As a matter of principle, wood - as all other materials - can be integrated to match any architectural style. However, the living material needs frequent care (see table above).

Bulletproof windows made of
wood and aluminum

These bulletproof windows combine two worlds: the natural beauty and comfort of wood and the elegance and easy care of aluminum. They can also adapt perfectly to any residential style and can, as all of our window types, be customized: exactly to your desires and needs.

Bulletproof windows made of wood and aluminum
Bulletproof windows made of aluminum or steel

Bulletproof windows made of aluminum/steel

These bulletproof windows have an even longer service life than wood windows and they do not need any care. The relatively high energy demand during the production is counteracted by easy recyclability and low weight. This is a benefit during the transport, but also during daily use: the larger the bulletproof window, the more enjoyable the low weight.

Bulletproof windows as filigree sliding elements

The room gets an additional width and bounteousness due to filigree sliding elements: light and air generate a totally new quality of life. The sliding elements can be operated manually or electric. In an open condition, the windows can disappear invisible in a wall pocket, and inside and outside integrate since the threshold can be designed totally flush with the adjacent areas.

Bulletproof windows as filigree sliding elements

Bulletproof windows:
two major factors.

Armored glassSILATEC glassSILATEC Shooteq

First: the weight. The windows can be opened and closed more easily the less the bulletproof windows and the glass weigh. Bulletproof glass by SILATEC combines different impact resisting and extremely resistant material to a wall of glass. Despite this fact, it is surprisingly light weight.

Second: the transparency. The traditional armored glass window is not only significantly less safe. You can also identify it because of its green tint. Of course, attackers also. Bulletproof glass by SILATEC in contrast is color-neutral and transparent: the attacker does see what waits for him. And you see the blue sky not in green, but exactly as blue as it really is.

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Where are full penetration resisting windows used?

Our customer portfolio is a colorful mix: exposed persons such as top politicians, corporate bosses or famous persons in movies or sport are interested in full penetration resisting windows. This covers private homes as well as corporate headquarters or embassies, but also teller's windows. And this need is all over the world. The high risk areas include Africa, the Middle East and the northern part of South America. With different threat scenarios, in the meantime a high number of attacks and always a clear winner. SILATEC.

Bulletproof windows for monument protection?

Of course. With the right glass: It must be especially light weight and thin to be able to integrate itself into the historic window frame. In addition, the viewed width of the window profiles must look the same as back then - this includes materials and surfaces.

As a matter of principle, three options exist in complicated cases and if the windows are not exchanged: 1. You only exchange the glass. 2. You place bulletproof glass at the outside or

3. At the inside. In case of an attachment frame - at the outside or inside - it must be analyzed structural-physical whether condensate is generated and if yes, countermeasures must be generated. The cleaning of the glass panes must also be taken into consideration, for example, through a certain opening mechanism.

Are bulletproof sliding windows available?

Of course. This is where a low glass weight is especially important - especially for large area sliding elements that are moved frequently and often. The light weight is also a priceless benefit for the transport and the installation. And our bulletproof glass with polycarbonate is also significantly safer than a heavy, thick armored glass window.

Bulletproof picture-window?

Light. Air. Good mood. Health. In addition to aesthetics, there are good reasons why windows become larger and larger. It is even better if one knows that there is a wall of glass that does not pass anything and that is at the same time light weight and thin. This can also significantly unburden the building static - especially in case of a filigree architectural construction.

Bulletproof windows over night?

Playing it safe is the recommendation for short term emergency situations: SILATEC bulletproof glass wall. A movable but definitely bulletproof wall made of glass. It is used for press conferences and summit meetings, for example, during the G7 and G20 summits. Which means everywhere, where it is important: during an acute threat scenario. Or if windows cannot be made bulletproof. If the protection is only required for a limited time. Or if it must be provided quickly but also absolutely safe.

Bulletproof windows and doors in the entrance area?

This is where electrically switchable panes are installed. They darken at the push of a button.  The bulletproof windows can also be equipped with a “spy mirror”: This means you can look outward, but nobody can look inward. It looks like a mirror from the outside but it looks like glass from the inside: this is known in interrogation rooms. However, the effect only works if it is darker on the inside than on the outside. This means, if it is dark at night at the outside and if it is illuminated at the inside, then one can see into the building despite the spy mirror

Why not armored glass for bulletproof windows?

First: Because our bulletproof glass with polycarbonate is significantly thinner and lighter. This is a benefit for the ease of use, but also for the door hinges (meaning service life). In addition, SILATEC is safer by a multitude: the safest safety glass in the world.

How do bulletproof windows work?

The window frame consists of wood with integrated special steel or it consists of artificial resin laminated wood (KP), also known under the name “armored wood”. The highly compressed wood blocks protect effectively against the projectiles. And the safety glass? The ammunition meets the already destroyed material with little resistance because the glass breaks faster than the projectile fies. Only an intelligent combination of different materials such as polycarbonate and the adhesives that we developed especially can effectively ward off even hard-core ammunition shot by a Kalaschnikow.

What does the (S) or (NS) in bulletproof windows mean?

The “S” represents splinter discharge when shot on and the “NS” represent non-splintering on the inside or the protective side of the glass and therefore it is significantly safer.

Are bulletproof windows also burglarproof?

No. A bulletproof window is not at all burglarproof. Because burglarproof windows must also withstand leverage forces, for example, against crowbars. However, we can easily combine both characteristic for you. The hammering safety of our polycarbonate glazings is another important factor: Because this way you prevent that the weapon can be guided through the hammering hole

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