Attack? Unfortunately excluded.

Our protective glazing is exceptionally transparent and comes without disruptive frame profiles - up to 4.5 m for each unit. Thanks to SILATEC's pleasant appearance, there is no green tint as there is with traditional armoured glass. You would never suspect that our protective glazing is tested according to BR 4 NS.

And for that filigree "over corner" look without a disruptive frame profile, we developed the first glass corner with tested bullet resistance. SILATEC BR4 step-tec. Filigree and integrated flush into our bullet-resistant BR4 NS glass. And if 4.5 m per unit is not enough, you can extend the protective glazing as much as you like. Here, too, of course, without a traditional frame profile and, naturally, tested according to BR 4.

Our protective glazing secures staff in embassies, consulates, banks and petrol stations.


Height: max. 2400 mm
Width: max. 4500 mm
Corner: SILATEC BR4 STEPTEC (optional)

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