Burglary protection:
Expensive errors

A burglary does not only endanger precious values but also our loved ones and ourselves. We therefore should avoid the following errors:

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Tilt windows

A tilted window is like an open window. The burglar can open it in a few seconds - even an RC2, RC3 or RC4 window.

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Safety glass only in accordance with the standard

The safety standard DIN EN 356 actually only tests the window frame but not the glass! The specified “safety glasses” are quickly broken (P4A, P5A, traditional P6B)

03  |  

Negligence in the vacation home

The danger occurs when you are present, not when you are absent. When you are present, then there are values to be stolen - this is why you must lock everything, especially also the windows and doors of the basement, patio and others.

04  |  

Hide the key on the outside

Burglars know all the hiding places, especially the perceived “good hiding places”

05  |  

Rely on the alarm system

In the end, only an effective manual protection prevents that your property is entered

06  |  

Not reacting to the door bell

This could be a presence check of the burglars.

07  |  

Relax after the burglary

The culprits often return 2-3 times after a “successful” burglary!

08  |  

Only secure the first floor

Culprits often enter in upper floors or use balconies, also garage awnings.

09  |  

Negligence during the day

Burglaries happen especially during the day or in the morning once you are at work and the children are at school.

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