Devastating burglaries

“Who attacks the glass?” Some so-called experts and many theorists are not familiar with the reality: Glass will always be attacked. Always. Our longterm and worldwide practice shows this impressively. Even recent, prominent examples:

Here only a few known examples:

January 6, 2021:

A crowd enters the capitol, the United States Parliament. The weak point: the unsafe glass in the input doors - it is broken after a few seconds.

March 30, 2020, around 3:15:

Burglars break into the Singer Laren museum and steal the Van Gogh painting “The parsonage garden at Nuenen in spring”. The value of this work of art is priceless. The weak point: the unsafe glass in the entrance door.

Monday, November 25, 2019:

Burglars that enter the Grünes Gewölbe in Dresden cause a property damage of about one million Euro. Weak point: the so-called “safety glass”. (It is already broken after 15 seconds).

End of July 2019:

Burglars gain access to a mansion in Hamburg. They enter on the second floor, to bypass the alarm system on the first floor. Booty: Jewelery with a value of more than 100,000 Euro. Weak point: the unsafe window glass.

Spectacular art thefts - always through the glass.

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