RC2, RC3, RC4 windows:
Expensive errors

A burglary can have severe consequences, not only from a financial standpoint but also from the emotional experience: People that had to experience a burglary relocated normally after two months - because they no longer felt safe in their own home. Therefore, avoid the following errors:

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Tilt windows:

A tilted window is like an open window, this is not a big difference for the burglar - even if RC2, RC3 or RC4 windows are installed.

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Wrong glass

If you only install the glass specified by the standard, then you save of all things at the largest and the most obvious week point of the house. P4A, P5A or common P6B glass are quickly broken - however, not a single “successful” burglary has been reported with SILATEC P6B, P7B or P8B in many decades.

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Alarm system, nothing else

Only the mechanical protection effectively prevents the penetration of your property. And even if the alarm system is triggered: The police only arrives on average after 15 minutes. The practiced culprit knows this.

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Hide the key on the outside

Many “good hiding places” exist, however, one problem: The burglar knows these “good hiding places”. All.

05  |  

Not going to the door if the door bell rings

Because the burglars test sometimes in this manner whether you are at home.

06  |  

Not thinking about repeat burglaries

After culprits were “successful” once, they come back in more than 50% of the cases!

07  |  

Forgetting the upper floors or the balconies

Practiced culprits do not only enter on the first floor, but also frequently on the upper floor or through balconies, garage awnings must also be secured.

08  |  

Careless during the day

In the past, burglaries took most often place between two and three o’clock in the morning. Today they take more often place during the day, also in the morning, because you are at work and the children are at school.

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Careless in the vacation home

Many people believe: Nothing can happen, if they are at their vacation home. This is a fallacy: Because that is the time where there is something to steal. Lock everything including patio, basement and other windows and doors.

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