Expensive errors with
safety windows:

If the burglary is successful based on negligence, then, based on our experience, the residents relocate at the latest after two months! Because they no longer feel safe in the privacy of their homes... Therefore you should avoid the following errors:

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Tilted safety window:

You may as well leave it open. The burglar can in this case open a safety window quickly.

02  |  

Safety glass only in accordance with the standard:

For safety windows of the classes RC2, RC3 and RC4, the standard only specifies glass that is destroyed after a few seconds! Only safety glass, type SILATEC P6B or P8B is really safe.

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Key with a “good hiding place”:

May people know good hiding places - burglars unfortunately also. And they know them all.

04  |  

Alarm system, nothing else:

It takes on average 15 minutes until the police is at the location! Only safety windows and doors as well as the correct safety glass effectively prevent the penetration into the building. This is also the recommendation of the police experts.

05  |  

Ignore the door bell:

You should go to the door. Because the burglars test sometimes in this manner whether you are at home.

06  |  

Not expecting follow-up burglaries.

The unwanted truth: the burglars return in more than 50% of the cases, sometimes even a third time - of course only if they have been “successful”. Because they know the conditions and because they know that nobody expects it.

07  |  

Safety windows only on the first floor:

The safety chain may show no gaps even in the upper floors, please consider balconies or garage awnings.

08  |  

Negligence during the day:

In the past, most burglaries took place between two and three o’clock in the morning; today more often during the day and often in the morning.

09  |  

Negligence in the vacation home:

The culprits do not show while you are absent - but especially if you are present. Because the prospect of booty is higher. Therefore, close basement, patio and other windows and doors.

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