Mobile ballistic wall

In many cases, such as gatherings of high-ranking international officials, bullet-proof glazing is required on short notice. Specifically for these purposes, we have developed a mobile ballistic wall system. Wherever time constraints or other factors do not permit actual retrofitting or heightened security is required on a temporary basis, our modular system can be set up in various configurations.

Thanks to their exceptionally low weight, the ballistic wall elements are easy to transport, even in hotel elevators. In addition, the crystal-clear transparency of SILTEC bullet-resistant glass makes the solution ideal for press conferences or other high-profile events that attract media attention. For example, our frameless armored glass wall was used to ensure top security during the 2015 G7 Summit, held at Elmau Castle in southern Germany.

Versatile and mobile in different BR classes

Depending on the setting and security threat, you can choose from four different bullet resistance (BR) classes. See the table below for an overview of security levels and respective weights.

SILATEC ballistic wall
Resistance classGlassElement incl. base
[kg] (for element size 1,000 x 2,000 mm)
SILATEC ballistic wall BR4-NS 25/522553from 148 
SiLATEC ballistic wall BR5-NS 35/753676from 194  
SiLATEC ballistic wall BR6-NS 42/904292from 224 
SiLATEC ballistic wall BR7-NS 60/13060130from 304 

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