Bulletproof glass for embassies

Prestigious buildings occupied and frequented by high-ranking officials demand structural and decorative materials of the highest quality – including ballistic glazing. Diplomats and other high-profile national representatives have strict security needs and, in some cases, may even face ongoing assassination threats. Not surprisingly, SILATEC bullet resistant glass is used in embassies and government buildings belonging to many different nations.



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When only the best is good enough

Uncompromising architects, building contractors and interior architects value the outstanding protection SILATEC bullet-resistant glass provides as well as its exceptional clarity and freedom from distortion. Windows, doors and interior glass elements constructed using our bullet-proof glazing allow embassy guests and occupants to conduct meetings, negotiations, official functions and day-to-day business in a relaxed, comfortable and elegant setting. Complete confidence in the safety and security offered allows full concentration on the important tasks of international relations.