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Bulletproof glass for transaction windows

Banks, fuel stations, 24-hour convenience stores and other businesses need secure transactions windows that don’t compromise the excellent customer experience they offer. That’s why thin, transparent and extremely robust ballistic glazing is in demand worldwide.

Based on advanced bullet-proofing technologies, SILATEC develops solutions to counter virtually any type of intrusion or attack scenario. Thanks to the crystal-clear transparency and reduced thickness of our ballistic glazing, you can protect your employees and assets without turning your business into a fortress.

Our bullet resistant glass requires no bulky and disruptive frame profiles, allowing the friendly look and feel of non-ballistic glazing, even in bullet-resistance classes as high as BR4 NS – glass that withstands bullets fired from weapons like the Magnum .44 handgun. And for sleek and elegant corners, we have developed the first frame-free glass corner tested for bullet resistance, SILATEC BR4 step-tec.


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Enhanced security not only safeguards your assets, but also puts your staff at ease and enables a superior customer experience. Since a business protected with SILATEC technology is not an attractive target for armed robbers or other assailants, you, your employees and your customers enjoy comfort and peace of mind.

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