Ballistic Wall


Used at the G7 summit at Elmau castle: the mobile, shot-stopping separation wall for personal protection. Frameless. With maximum flexibility: it can be combined as you like with other SILATEC ballistic walls and is also very light.

Tested and certified according to the European standard EN 1063, in the resistance classes BR-4NS to BR-7NS (NS = no splinters).

SILATEC ballistic wall
Resistance classGlassElement incl. base
[kg] (for element size 1,000 x 2,000 mm)
SILATEC ballistic wall BR4-NS 25/522553from 148 
SiLATEC ballistic wall BR5-NS 35/753676from 194  
SiLATEC ballistic wall BR6-NS 42/904292from 224 
SiLATEC ballistic wall BR7-NS 60/13060130from 304 



Our ballistic wall is the quick and mobile retrofit option for bullet resistance. For example, if there is no time for structural measures to create bullet resistance, or the upgrade is time-limited.

The SILATEC ballistic wall consists of individual bulletproof glass elements that are set up in the room so that windows or other risk areas are quickly secured. And it is significantly more secure than traditional armoured glass. In addition, the elements are very light and - in contrast to heavy armoured glass - can be easily transported. For example in lifts. For that reason it is often used, for example, at press conferences, in the hotel, in court buildings and also at summits. 

The SILATEC ballistic wall is available in various sizes and you can set it up as you like according to the modular principle. Available worldwide and, above all, quickly! 

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