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No entry: burglar-resistant glass by SILATEC has undergone extremely tough tests. And of course, our burglar-proof glass has withstood hundreds of real-life attacks by burglars over the years – without a single successful breach reported to date. Our burglary-proof glass in the resistance classes EH1 and P6B is certified according to the European standard EN 356 and VdS guidelines.

Don’t give burglars a chance
Burglars typically look for easy opportunities with minimum risk of discovery. That’s why around two-thirds of break-ins occur via easily reachable windows, glass doors to balconies or terraces and other doors. Effective deterrence is all about time: if an attempted forced entry takes too long, burglars often abandon their plans. Just a few minutes can be enough to make a difference and ensure that burglars have no chance.

Criminologists and police agree: the key to building security is a complete concept that begins with mechanical protection. Electronic monitoring, video surveillance and alarm systems can only supplement physical security measures by alerting police and/or security personnel.

Put time on your side
SILATEC burglary-resistant glass is engineered to delay successful forced entry for so long that attackers are simply forced to give up. The effectiveness of our superior burglar-proof glass speaks for itself. Whether in businesses, homes or public buildings, our security glass plays an important role in unbeatable security concepts – and peace of mind for building owners and occupants.

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