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How do you break bulletproof glass?

The short answer to this question, referring to state-of-the-art ballistic glazing, is straightforward enough: use maximum force and work hard at it for a long, long time. A more detailed answer would be to point out that it depends greatly on thickness, which production principle was used to manufacture the glass and how high its resistance class is. 

All bulletproof glass types are not created equal

A comparison between products corresponding to the variables above reveals that the differences are huge. Bulletproof glass made with polycarbonate, for example, is much more difficult to penetrate than conventionally manufactured bulletproof glass. As extensive research using destructive testing methods continues to show, the more advanced the ballistic glass, the longer the time ensured before a potential breach can occur. This is good to know when you want to enhance security, as time is a key factor in all types of attack or intrusion. Once alarms are sounded or a commotion is caused, burglars and other assailants know their time is running out.

We put time on your side

SILATEC bulletproof glass is engineered to make sure attackers and intruders run out of time. Videos of testing and closed-circuit security footage of real-life incidents demonstrate how our crystal-clear bullet resistant glass keeps you and your property on the safe side – with time on your side. See for yourself.


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