How do burglarproof windows work?


normale Verriegelung

Normal locking
Can be opened through cranking


Mushroom head lock
cannot be opened through cranking

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With a so-called “mushroom head lock”

This effective window locking can also be retrofitted and is in principle very simple: Mushroom head and stud are solidly connected with each other if the window is closed and this is inaccessible in such a way that cranking is practically impossible. The number of mushroom heads and the locking pieces play an important role - especially for large windows.

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Glass area solidly glued in the frame

This prevents cranking during the burglary.

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Steel plates in the frame

This makes the drilling with a power drill impossible.

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Drill protection in the handle area

In most cases made of hardened steel sheets, to ensure that the handle gearing cannot be drilled.

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A lockable window handle

However, be aware: Who locks all the windows before leaving the house?

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Material with the highest stability

For example, hard wood with a high density to ensure that, for example, fastening screws hold fast optimally.

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Anchoring in the masonry

Prevents that the window can be ripped from its anchoring. For example with special screw anchors - and the right masonry.

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Pressure-resistant back filling

To ensure that the frame cannot be pressed at the wall.

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The safest safety glass of the world

SILATEC safety glass withstands up to 20 minutes, even against ax and sledgehammer - no burglar has lasted this long.

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