For mansions:
RC2, RC3 or RC4 windows

RC1 Fenster - 0 min.

RC1 windows:

no burglary protection, not recommended.
RC1 Fenster - 0 min.

RC2 windows:

our recommendation for solid basic protection.
Using the right safety glass (SILATEC P6B), they offer around one to three minutes resistance time.
RC1 Fenster - 0 min.

RC3 windows:

our recommendation for the safe burglary protection.
With SILATEC P6B glass, they offer about five minutes resistance time.
RC1 Fenster - 0 min.

RC4 windows:

our most frequent recommendation for the perfect burglary protection.
With SILATEC P8B safety glass, they provide about ten minutes of resistance.
RC1 Fenster - 0 min.

RC5 and RC6 windows:

are normally over-dimensioned for mansions and are rather qualified for extreme risks such as nuclear power plants or military facilities.
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