How do RC2, RC3, RC4 windows function?

The major features:

normale Verriegelung

Normal locking
Can be opened through cranking


Mushroom head lock
cannot be opened through cranking

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The “mushroom head lock”

In principle very simple and it can be imaged as follows: Stud and mushroom head are solidly connected with each other and therefore make cranking practically impossible. Several mushroom heads and studs must be installed for large area windows. See above illustration.

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Solidly glued glass

Also helps against cranking during the burglary.

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Steel plates

To ensure that the frame withstands the power drill.

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Hardened steel sheet in the handle area

Prevents the drilling of the handle gearing.

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Lockable window handle

Can help but need frequent discipline: lock everything when leaving the house, unlock everything when returning home.

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Hard wood

Or a comparable material with high density to ensure that the fastening screws solidly hold fast.

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Fixed anchoring of the window

To ensure that the window cannot be simply ripped out of the masonry. This requires special dowels and the right masonry.

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Backfilling of the window

Prevents that the frame gets pressed against the wall at one side and get cranked open on the other side.

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The safest safety glass of the world

Safety glass by SILATEC is like a wall of glass. Can also be found at G7 and G20 summits.

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