How are safety windows tested?

RC1 - RC6 windows

The test standard EN 356 differentiates six resistance classes for safety windows of class RC1 to RC5, the safest class. This is how test engineers test the safety windows:

Class RC1 safety windows

must withstand kicking or jumping, lifting or ripping out. Tools are not used, however, burglars normally use tools. Therefore, this class cannot be recommended.

Class RC2 safety windows

withstand an amateur culprit with simple tool for about 3 minutes. However, the glass is not tested! Only P4A glass is specified, however, it is broken in a few seconds. Recommendation: SILATEC P6B with a resistance duration of 5 minutes.

Class RC3 safety windows

provide a resistance duration of about 5 minutes. The test engineer simulates an amateur culprit using chisel or a crowbar. But: However, the test engineer does not test the glass! Only a P5A glass is mentioned and this glass will be destroyed within 15 seconds. Recommendation: SILATEC P6B glass with more than 5 minutes.

Class RC4 safety windows

resists an experienced culprit for ten minutes even if the culprit works with saws, striking tools and power drills. The glass is again not tested - for whatever reason - suggested is only any P6B, and that is destroyed already after 30 seconds. Therefore, the recommendation: SILATEC P8B with approx. 20 minutes.

Class RC5 safety windows

holds even experienced culprits back for 15 minutes. Against electrical tools such a power drill, jigsaw or saber saws or angle grinder. This class also tests the glass, however, only traditional P7B glass is recommended, and this withstands less than one minute. Therefore the following recommendation: SILATEC P8B: approx. 20 minutes.

Class RC6 safety windows

this is where experienced culprits with powerful electrical tools (power drill, jigsaw or saber saws, angle grinder) can work unsuccessful for a total of 20 minutes. The glass will also be tested here, but only traditional P8B glass is recommended, and this withstands only approx. one minute. Recommendation: SILATEC P8B with approx. twenty minutes.

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