How do safety windows work?

The major features:

normale Verriegelung

Normal locking
Can be opened through cranking


Mushroom head lock
cannot be opened through cranking

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The “mushroom head lock”

The image above shows clearly how it works: The stud closely encloses the mushroom head and is not accessible from the outside. This means that burglars can no longer crank the safety window open. More mushroom heads and closing pieces must be installed if the windows are larger.

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The glass area is glued solidly into the frame -

This also counteract the cranking.

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We integrate steel plates into the frame.

This means that even power drills can no longer penetrate.

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Hardened steel sheets are in most cases placed in the handle area:

this means that even the handle gearing cannot be drilled.

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On request, the windows handle can be lockable.

However, we prefer unbreachable safety glass. This means that you do not need to close each individual window each time when leaving the house and reopen everything when you return

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The frame material has an extremely high density:

also to ensure that the fastening screw hold perfectly.

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The safety windows are massively anchored in the masonry:

This means that the window cannot be ripped out of the anchoring.

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The frame is backfilled pressure-resistant:

to ensure that it cannot be pressed at the wall.

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The safety glass is the safest glass in the world:

It can also be found at the G7 and the G20 summits, at the first addresses of jewelers and museums, in mansions and embassies.

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