Safety windows for jewelers
starting with RC4.

RC2 Fenster oder RC3 Fenster?
RC1 Fenster - 0 min.

RC1 windows:

zero burglary protection.
RC2 Fenster - 1-3 min.

RC2-RC3 windows:

no recommendation, based on the valence of the exhibits
RC3 und RC4 Fenster - 5-10min.

RC4 - RC6 windows:

effective up to perfect burglary protection, depending on the risk assessment. Approx. 10 to 20 minutes resistance when equipped with the right safety glass (SILATEC P6B P8B)

Our recommendation for jewelers:

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Safety windows starting with class RC4

Plus glass type SILATEC P6B/EH1. For especially valuable exhibits RC5 or RC6 windows and glass of the type SILATEC P8B/EH3. Caution: The standard is not adequate, especially not for jewelers. Because the standard does not even test the decisive weak point - the glass! But display windows need special burglary protection. Our solution - especially developed for this purpose - are walls of glass: In 40 years, they have prevented more than 5000 burglaries in jeweler display windows. A priceless treasure trove of experience from the criminal practice. Please take advantage of it.

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Fix glazings for windows

Because they cannot be opened and that represents a huge benefit for the burglary protection.

03  |  

Walls of glass.

Because glass is the decisive weak point - it is attacked in almost all cases. We recommend safety glass at least type SILATEC P6B/EH1, or even better SILATEC P8B/EH3.

04  |  

Maximum glass protrusion.

The further the glass protrudes into the frame, the safer will it be held. We recommend approx. 25 mm protrusion especially for floor-deep and large display windows. This offer already significantly more burglary protection as the often used 15 mm, for example against “pressing”.

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Because a sealing seam made of “adhering” silicone is better than a rubber lip seal, which is only pressed between glass and frame to keep water out. The sealing keeps the pane better in the frame, on the outside and the inside.

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Installation from the outside or the inside?

Both alternatives are OK and they have their advantages and disadvantages. The installation from the outside is in most cases recommended for large safety panes. The pane must be exchanged as quickly as possible after a burglary attempt, and this is easier from the outside, because on the inside, the store equipment is often in the way. However, caution: The safety glass pane must be especially secured when installed from the outside, to ensure that burglars do not simply dismantle the pane from the outside. How does that work? Inquire about it. We are pleased to be available for consultations.

ArmoredSILATEC glass

Armored glass?
This can be done 20 times

Armored glass:

heavy as lead
green tinted
not really safe
no UV filter
SILATEC glass:

light weight
crystal clear
20 times safer
100% UV protection

SILATEC produces safety glass especially for display windows. It is not only 20 times safer that traditional armored glass. But also peerlessly thinner, light weight and: not green tinted as armored glass, but crystal clear - the gemstones radiate the unfiltered light. But 100% of the UV light will be filtered to protect valuable exhibits against fading - and this also applies to your high-quality furniture and carpets, and for all delicate materials such as leather, fabric or wood.

Burglary at the jeweler?
Nice try.

Bulgari in Rome:
Two burglars,
one truck, zero chance.

An excerpt of the jewelers
that put their trust in us

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