Safety windows for museums

RC2 Fenster oder RC3 Fenster?
RC1 Fenster - 0 min.

RC1 windows:

do not offer any burglary protection
RC2 Fenster - 1-3 min.

RC2 windows:

normally not a recommendation for museums
RC2 Fenster - 1-3 min.

RC3 windows:

Basic recommendation for safety windows in museums. Approx. 5 minutes resistance in connection with SILATEC P6B safety glass.
RC3 und RC4 Fenster - 5-10min.

RC4 - RC6 windows:

Our most frequent recommendation for museums: effective up to perfect burglary protection. Approx. 10 to 20 minutes resistance in connection with SILATEC P8B safety glass

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Safety windows with SILATEC safety glass are a wall of glass. The only thing that may pass is the light. Burglars must stay on the outside in the same manner as harmful UV light: 100% of the UV light will be absorbed.

Spectacular art robberies:
Always through the glass!

Caution: The glass will often be neglected and that opened the floodgates for many spectacular art robberies: At the end of March 2020, for example, the Singer Laren museum near Amsterdam. Booty: the priceless Van Gogh painting “The parsonage garden at Nuenen in spring”. Grünes Gewölbe Dresden in November 2019. Price for the negligence: around one billion Euro.

2010: into the museum of modern art in Paris - on the expense of one each Picasso, Braque, Modigliani, Léger, Matisse! The weak point in very case: “Safety glass” that does not deserve this name. An expensive negligence.

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