P8B glass against

“Burglary resisting P8B glass”:
Already hammered-in after one minute!
SILATEC P8B glass:
withstand approx. 15 minutes - also against ax attacks!

There is only one option when playing it safe:
SILATEC P8B glass.

Normal P8B glass - or “armored glass” - is already hammered-in after one minute. In contrast, SILATEC P8B glass is more than 15 minutes safe against hammering-in - even if an ax is applied! Therefore, we have no knowledge about any successful burglary attempt anywhere in the world. The difference: This wall of glass includes polycarbonate and additionally a cleverly devised material mix with the most resilient and impact resisting materials.

Polycarbonate or not polycarbonate: Only SILATEC P8B includes the materials that opposes even the largest criminal energy with a wall. .

Please view the burglary test

Burglary resisting P8B glass by SILATEC.

Because windows are the weak point - until now.

Burglars select the windows in most cases - in 80% of all cases. This is why you should take no risks but trust the safest safety glass in the world: A burglary resisting P8B glazing by SILATEC represents a wall of glass, not conquered worldwide. This is why it protects galleries, museums or display windows of top jewelers. As a burglary resisting glazing, P8B is course in accordance with the European standard EN 356 and it qualifies also for highly exposed risks.

Even the tow truck fails.

Tests and standards are good. But the practical use is even more important: And this is where SILATEC proves itself with approximately one thousand successfully prevented burglary attempts worldwide during the last ten years. An especially spectacular case is the burglary attempt at the headquarters of the jeweler Bulgari, in the center of Rome, on Via Condotti. Two burglars steal in broad daylight a heavy tow truck and drive it in reverse gear into the display window of the top jeweler. Into the display window - but not through the display window. Because the wall of glass stands! The glass splinters, but the completely surprised burglars see immediately: there is no pass-though here. They flee, but they are later arrested.

The P8B glass design
Normal P8B glass (“armored glass”):
Breakthrough already after one minute!

SILATEC P8B glass:
even after 15 minutes no breakage!

Both panes consist of glass on the outside. However, normal P8B glass - “armored glass” - also on the inside. This is why it is green tinted, heavy and still not safe. Only P8B glass by SILATEC includes polycarbonate inside, an extremely impact resisting material. In addition, a cleverly devised mix of the most resistant materials, plus the special SILATEC adhesive. This is why P8B glass by SILATEC is safer by a multitude than normal armored glass. One hundred percent transparent. And extremely light weight, which means that you can easier open your doors and windows.

SILATEC P8B Glas mit Polycarbonatkern
SILATEC P8B glass with polycarbonate coreSILATEC P8B glass with polycarbonate core
Glass polycarbonate glass

Only pane will be placed on pane when assembling traditional P8B glass, also called “armored glass”. The more, the “better”. This is the attempt to built a somewhat acceptable protective effect. However, this measure makes the hunk heavier and green tinted - and it still does not achieve the safety of SILATEC P8B glass. Not even close.

P8B Glas Grün
No SILATEC P8B glassconventional P8B glass

The thickness of P8B glass.

SILATEC P8B starts with a glass thickness of just around 24 mm; this is the so-called “monolithic” single glazing. You can also order the double glazing with a glass thickness starting at approx. 34 mm for improved heat insulation - and therefore energy savings and environmental relief. Even better insulation values are achieved with our triple insulating glass: In this case, the glass thickness is starting at approx. 46 mm. Since you can order our safety glass also with a length of up to 8 meters and this means that the glass thickness for such large formats increases slightly - for static reasons. The weight savings compared with the thick and heavy “armored glass”, i.e. traditional P8B glass, would be even more dramatic for this case.

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P8B glass: The prices.

How important is your safety? The safety of your loved ones? And the art and the valued objects? The price depends on how long the safety glass prevents that a hole is hammered into the pane - e.g. with a sledgehammer or an ax.

For normal P8B glass, the “burglary resisting glass” is hammered through after only one minute. Costs: approx. 500 EUR/m2 per minute against hammering-in.

The costs for SILATEC P8B are approx. 850 EUR/m2; however, this comes to approx. 60 EUR/m2 per minute protection against hammering-in since the glass withstands approx. 15 minutes.

The payback for an additional investment is also fast: The extra costs for the increased insulation effect for double insulating glass is approx. 20% to 30%, for triple insulating glass it is additional approx. 20%. However, as compared with the double insulating glass you reduce your energy consumption by one half!

Price comparison

Traditional P8B glass (armored glass): approx. 500 EUR/m2, per minute protection against hammering down SILATEC P8B glass approx. 60 EUR/m2, per minute protection against hammering down

Burglary resisting windows with P8B glass.

You will have a safe burglary protection only if glass and window are similarly safe. However, the standard for RC2 to RC6 windows does not test the glass at all. The recommendation for RC3 is P5A glass - a pane that can be hammered-in immediately and easily. The safe frame does not help in this case. RC3 windows provide resistance against a burglar for approx. 5 minutes, if the burglar is, for example, armed with a crowbar. We recommend here SILATEC P6B or P7B glass to ensure that the glass resists for the same time.

The recommendation is valid especially for burglary resisting windows in private homes with the burglary protection class RC3 windows. SILATEC P8B glass is recommended for RC4 windows that must fulfill even higher protection requirements. Because the window resists for about 10 minutes, the glass actually for 15 minutes - therefore, it offers no weak points. Therefore, the following glass recommendations apply for burglary resisting RC2 - RC8 windows:

RC2 windowsSILATEC P6B glass
RC3 windowsSILATEC P6B glass/P7B glass
RC4 windowsSILATEC P8B glass

Delivery program for SILATEC P8B glass

Burglary Protection
Type Name Dimensions max.
Options Tc
P8B + EH3
monoSILATEC P8B-EH32500 x 800024 – 3239 – 594.0P8B80 – 9070 – 8043 1)
i2SILATEC P8B-EH3 i22500 x 800034 – 5649 – 790.9 – 1.2P8B70 – 8055 – 6040 – 45
i3SILATEC P8B-EH3 i32500 x 800046 – 7864 – 940.5 – 0.8P8B65 – 7045 – 5040 – 45
They depend on the size of the pane, the loads (e.g. wind load) as well as guidelines and regulations
mono, i2, i3 monolithic, insulating glass, triple insulating glass
Thermal transfer coefficient. The smaller the value, the better the heat insulation.
TL Translucence. A larger value means that more light transfers through the glazing
gTotal energy permeability. A smaller value means that less energy transfers through the glazing.
RwSound insulation measure. The larger the value, the better the sound insulation. The listed values are based on a Krypton filling.
ASAlarm loop. Visible or invisible.
AWAlarm wire
SuSSun protection coating


Test certificate
Test protocol single cell pane
internally developed estimated value without test report 
exclusively invisible alarm loop possible 
GOST Gost standard of Russia
VPAM PM 2007, version 2
EN 1063
Special test, see test report Beschussamt
Bandwidth of typical values

All values are subject to the common tolerances. Adherence to our special glazing guideline is required.

This delivery program shows our established products. We produce in addition also nonstandard special solutions. Please ask us.

We reserve the right to change the technical information, changes in the delivery program as well as changes of our references. Adherence to the legal regulations is required for all applications. Adherence to our special glazing guidelines is required, because our warranty is otherwise canceled.

When in doubt, please contact us.

We deliver the SILATEC P8B glass also in the following combinations:

Alarm glass
invisible or visible

Sound protection
up to 45dB

Spy mirror
effective view protection

Switchable glass
switchable from transparent to opaque

Burglary resisting P8B glass including alarm glass

On your request, we can deliver the P8B glass also as alarm glass: The alarm loop will be cut immediately in case of an attack and therefore triggers your alarm system. For the alarm glass, we can design the alarm loop visible or invisible, based on your requirements. We burn the invisible alarm loop at the extreme edge of P8B glass to ensure that it is hidden and invisible inside the window frame. The visible variant has a length of approx. 5 cm and it is located in a corner of the P8B alarm glass.

The P8B glazing including the heat insulation

You can order P8B glass in three insulation classes directly from us: The “monolithic”, i.e. the simple P8B glazing with single heat insulation and a U-value of approx. 4.6 W/m2K. The thickness is only about 24 mm. The P8B glass with double insulation for increased heat insulation and a U-value of only around 0.9 to 1.3 W/m2K. The P8B glazing with 3 time insulation and a maximum heat insulation and the lowest U-value of approx. 0.5 to 0.7 W/m2K (the lower the U­value the higher the energy savings).

SILATEC P8B glass: at home at the best addresses.

Glass corner with SILATEC P6B glass
Display window glazing with P6B safety glass by Silatec
 P6B safety glass by Silatec in the Reichstag
Silatec P6B safety glass for museums
P2A Glas
P4A Glas
P5A Glas

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P8B glass vs. P4A glass: No comparison!

For example, P4A glass can stop a thrown rock: Because the standard only requires that a steel ball with a weight of about 4 kg must be dropped on the pane. However, if the force of a sledgehammer or an ax is applied, then the glass breaks down immediately. Traditional P8B glass withstands such an attack for about one minute while the SILATEC P8B glazing protects for more than 15 minutes. Too long for any attacker: Because we cannot identify a “successful” burglary attempt in all those years.

P8B glass: How does the test progress?

During the certification in accordance with EN 356, an ax hits the P8B glass to be tested with an accuracy down to a millimeter and exactly specified force. The certificate that features each P8B glass is only granted if at least 71 ax hits are required to hammer a hole with a size of 40 x 40 cm. By the way: P8B glass by SILATEC withstands a multitude of more hits.

Do you deliver P8B glass also including UV protection?

Yes. Our P8B glass with polycarbonate offers 100% UV protection. This is unfortunately not the case for normal P8B glass.


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