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Bulletproof glass for cash in transit

Armored vehicles for transporting cash must be designed and constructed without weak points. Windows need to be as bullet resistant as the armored car body, yet provide the driver with a clear and undistorted view of traffic. Leading armored-vehicle manufacturers rely on SILATEC for bulletproof glazing that fulfills both demands ideally.

Among the advantages of our armored glass in automotive applications is its lighter weight. This, along with its outstanding clarity, makes it the ballistic glazing of choice for armored vehicles of all kinds – from armored cars to bulletproof military vehicles.

Security in motion

Based on decades of experience supplying bullet-resistant glass for automotive applications, our experts can recommend the right solution for any type of vehicle. Whatever your needs, you can rely on SILATEC to help you close the security gap when cash, valuables and people are in transit. 

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