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Bulletproof glass for homes

A private residence should be an oasis of safety, comfort and peace of mind. At the same time, security measures must not interfere with a home’s intimate atmosphere and architectural beauty – no one wants to live in a bunker. Good to know modern ballistic glazing can effectively protect property and people, yet doesn’t have to be thick or dark. SILATEC bullet resistant glass is exceptionally thin, lightweight and transparent, making it ideal for retrofitting into existing frames or integration into newly built homes. Our armored glazing takes away nothing from the beauty of your home, but unobtrusively enhances security to the level you wish for your family and guests.

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Retrofitting made easy

A building with triple-glazed thermo-glass windows, for example, can be easily fitted with ballistic glazing. Since insulated window panes are generally 36 to 50 mm thick and weigh between 30 and 60 kg/m², the existing frames are fully suitable for SILATEC bullet-resistant glass. With our BR4-NS 25/52 glazing, which is only 25 mm thick and weighs just 52 kg/m², your windows will withstand bullets fired from powerful weapons like the Magnum .44 handgun. For more details on thicknesses and bullet-resistance (BR) classes, see the specification table below.

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