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Bulletproof glass specifications

BR glass specifications

SILATEC manufactures bullet-proof glass for a broad spectrum of different applications and security needs. In onsite consultations, we will get a clear picture of your requirements and recommend the ideal choice of glazing from our range. In the event that none of our existing products precisely matches your needs, we are in a position to develop an individually customize solution for your building. Either way, you can count on SILATEC’s promise of exceptionally clear ballistic glass and a high level of security. Please refer to the table below for an overview of our products and their BR specifications

Ballistic classes for bullet resistant Glass in accordance with EN 1063




Test condition

BR1Gun.22 LRL/RN2.616810360
BR2Handgun9 mm LugerFJ1)/RN/SC8.06405400
BR3Handgun.357 MagnumFJ1)/CB/SC10.29435430
BR4Handgun.44 Rem. MagnumFJ2)/FN/SC15.61,5105440
BR5Gun5.56 x 453)FJ2)/PB/SCP14.01,80510950
BR6Gun7.62 x 51FJ1)/PB/SC9.53,27210830
BR7Gun7.62 x 514)FJ2)/PB/HC19.83,29510820
SG1*ShotgunShotgun12/70Lead shotgun shot5)312,73410420
SG2**ShotgunShotgun12/70Lead shotgun shot5)312,73410420

* one shot, +/- 0.5 g, +/- 20 m/s
 ** three shots, +/- 0.5 g, +/- 20 m/s
1) Steel full metal jacket shot, plated
2) Tombac full metal jacket shot
3) Spin length 178 mm +/- 10 mm
4) Spin length 254 mm +/- 10 mm
5) Brenneke

L Lead
CB Conical bullet shot
FJ Full metal jacket shot
FN Flat-nosed bullet
HC1 Steel hard core, mass 3.7 g +/-0.1 g, Hardness larger than 63 HCR

PB Pointed bullet
RN Round-nose bullet
SC Soft-centre (lead)
SCP1 Soft-centre (lead) with steel penetrator (type SS109)

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