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Is bulletproof glass always green and dark?

Crystal-clear bulletproof glass is SILATEC’s trademark. In fact, SILATEC ballistic glass is not even readily recognizable as bullet resistant, and does nothing to compromise the aesthetic refinement and appeal of shops, homes and other buildings. Conventional bulletproof glass, in contrast, appears relatively green due to its thickness – the thicker the glass, the greener and darker it appears. 

More security than meets the eye

At SILATEC, we have engineered ballistic glazing for maximum bullet resistance at minimum thickness. In addition, our bulletproof glass is constructed of extremely transparent high-tech materials. Alongside its aesthetic benefits, our deceptively thin and clear security glass leads potential assailants to vastly underestimate its strength.

With SILATEC ballistic glass, you can rest assured that potential attempts at intrusion will be much more difficult and time-consuming than expected – an excellent deterrent that lets you sleep well at night. 

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