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What is bulletproof glass?

Bulletproof glass is technically termed ballistic glass or bullet-resistant glass (BR glass), but also known as security glass, safety glass or armored glass. It refers to various types of optically transparent materials that resist penetration by bullets. Bulletproof glass is usually made from a combination of two or more types of glass, selected for different properties such as hardness and elasticity. When impacted, the laminated layers of glass behave differently, the harder layers stopping the projectile while the softer more elastic layers flex, absorb energy and prevent shattering.

To ensure transparency and an undistorted view, the different layers that make up a pane of bulletproof glass must have almost the same index of refraction. In other words, light passing through the glass construction must emerge at an angle very close to its angle of entry. 

Advances in bulletproof glass

State-of-the-art ballistic glass uses multiple alternating layers of glass and synthetic materials like polycarbonates. These constructions enable lower weight and reduced thickness coupled with extremely high bullet resistance levels and crystal-clear transparency.

Bullet-resistant glass is typically used in windows and doors of buildings that require security as well as in military and private vehicles. SILATEC bulletproof glass is especially suited to applications that call for security and peace of mind with no compromise to the aesthetic appeal and clear view provided.


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