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Bulletproof glass for shops

For jewelry stores and other luxury goods retailers, meeting extremely high security standards is essential to business viability. In most cases, bullet- and impact-resistant glazing is not only required by insurance companies, but is also a key component in the shop’s overall strategy to discourage and thwart theft attempts. At the same time, the clientele for luxury goods expects a highly refined and elegant atmosphere. Bulletproof glass for showcases, windows and doors must be absolutely clear and free from distortion. 

Security meets luxury

Thanks to SILATEC’s highly sophisticated material combinations and constructions, we can provide shops with crystal-clear security glass that withstands the impact of heavy and sharp objects as well as projectiles. Internationally leading jewelry brands, for example, rely on our deceptively thin and distortion-free solutions for interior and exterior glazing of all kinds.

Jewelry on display behind glass entails special challenges. It requires special lighting and an absolutely unobstructed view to bring every detail to the customer’s attention. Showcases constructed of SILATEC bulletproof glass take nothing away from the scintillation of diamonds, colored gems and exquisitely polished precious metals. Our ballistic glazing enables secure displays that don’t detract from the irresistible beauty, fascination and appeal of fine jewelry. 

With SILATEC, luxury goods retailers can deter theft and intrusion, keep staff safe and offer customers an exclusive and luxurious experience of aesthetic refinement and comfort. 


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