Bulletproof glass price

BR glass specifications

The cost of bullet-proof glazing varies depending on bullet resistance (BR) class and other factors. Strictly in terms of per-m2 material costs, you can generally expect ballistic glass to cost between three and ten times as much as non-ballistic thermal glass. However, the investment may be offset by lower insurance premiums.


Each project is unique

Every bullet resistant glass installation project has its own set of variables, which makes total installation cost comparisons very difficult. Alongside BR class, factors include the type and quality of existing window and door frames, in the case of retrofitting, and aesthetic considerations. 

Cost estimates for ballistic glazing of homes, businesses or offices require an in-depth consultation. The experts at SILATEC are glad to listen to your needs in detail and examine onsite conditions, and then recommend a solution to ensure protection of your property, wellbeing and comfort.

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