Shatterproof glass


The general term “shatterproof” describes glass that resists breakage into sharp-edged fragments when impacted. Examples include the safety glass used in car windshields or windows intended to resist the impact of thrown objects. The term does not, however, indicate any specific level of impact resistance or bullet resistance.

Bulletproof glass by SILATEC is available in different bullet-resistance (BR) classes with the additional specification “No Splinter” (NS), meaning that the inner glass layer did not break into fragments in testing with real firearms. No splinters enter the protected space in the event of attack. Our NS technology can also be applied symmetrically to both sides of our ballistic glazing, resulting in bulletproof glass that retains its structural integrity inside and out. Depending on your individual security needs, our experts can provide a customized solution that leaves nothing to chance.

Beyond impact resistance
Impact resistance, a term often associated with shatterproof glass, indicates glass tested using an entirely different method from that used for bullet-resistant glass. It involves dropping a steel ball several times on the glass from various heights. The class is determined by how many impacts from which heights the glass withstands. 

It must be emphasized that impact-resistance testing is no comparison to the rigors of tests for bulletproof and burglar-proof glass. Our bulletproof glass is tested in different bullet-resistance (BR) classes by being shot with actual firearms of different calibers. In the case of burglary resistance, testing is carried out with a mechanized axe, striking repeatedly with constant force and re-sharpened at regular intervals.

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